Where can I get some super strong 2-sided tape?

I used to work at a company that hired temp employees. Each of the employees was required to wear an ID tag. The tag had some little metal clamp on it, and it was held on with some red, double-sided tape. This tape was 1, or maybe 2, paper sheets thin. It was amazingly, super amazingly strong! I had difficulty pulling the metal clamp off of it. I asked the temp agency’s representative at the site, and, of course, she looked at me as if I had asked whether she was going to get a boob job anytime soon, and just said “It’s double sided”.
I went to WalMart in the hardware section, and got some 3M brand 2-sided tape;it was labeled 20 lbs. It was about 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick, so, I know it wasn’t what the temp company used. Also, it wasn’t as strong.

So, does anybody know where I can find this, or any, mysterious 2-sided super strong tape?


Double-sided Kapton (polyimide) tape is excellent stuff. It’s not quite red, but it is super-thin and very strong.

Vyco tape!

Did you get the 3M High Bond Foam Tape? It’s pretty good and available in rolls or pre-cut patches but is about 1/16" thick. Available at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot…

3M make some amazing adhesive films that are used in making labels but I don’t think these are available in retail.

McMaster Carr http://www.mcmaster.com/# has some good products if your interest is for more than a home project.

This 3M trim-mounting tape should do what you want. It is designed to hold things like ding strips onto car doors, so should be more than durable enough for an ID badge.

Carpet tape.

3M® Tapes

If there is a 3M facility nearby call and ask. They once had small company stores. Maybe still do.

Speedtape from Fastcap

I’ve used this stuff before and it is very thin and very strong. Highly recommend.


Thanks, everybody.

What are you using it on? The choice of tape depends on the surface. Especially for plastics - not all adhesives work on all plastics.

3m VHB tape is amazing stuff. It’s used for industrial applications, and works really well for metals and certain types of plastic.

Another tape question, while we’re on the subject. A Facebook buddy recently posted this pic on his page with the caption “things you don’t want to see before takeoff.” But it’s not a joke—when I asked him about it, he told me that it’s an incredibly strong, thermally-resistant tape called ‘Speedtape’ manufactured by 3M, and it is routinely used for temporary repairs on high-speed military aircraft. 3M’s commercial version is called 425 Aluminum Tape, and costs about $45 a roll. I’m really tempted to get some; I’m thinking that it would be an excellent addition to a roadside emergency kit, or would come in handy if a hot water heater springs a leak and you can’t get a plumber out for three days. But I’m wondering if it has a finite shelf life. Anybody familiar with the stuff?

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