Where Can I Make and Buy a Custom/Personalized Football Jersey?

Short: See Title.


Let us assume for a second that I wanted to create a custom football jersey. I have no allegiance to any particular team or player, but I do like the feel and look of football jerseys. So I would like to own a few, without having to draw upon the ire of rival teams of whoever I’m “reppin” despite my actual lack of allegiance.

Example: For the name section on the back, for example, I could put Mariana.

Then for the number on the back and arms, 20.

How would I go about doing this?

Every town has a local shirt printing/awards shop where local teams (pee-wee, middle school, high school, corporate teams, etc) get their uniforms printed up. They have jerseys in all sorts of colors with no logos and you can have them put on whatever you want. Just open up the phone book and look.

If their prices are too high for one-offs, you might be able to find something cheaper on the internet.

You can order an overpriced, official NFL one from NFL.com, in any team colors, and have it personalized with a name or word and number.

But they have a censorship function there, so you can’t use any ‘naughty’ words. And you can’t get a Michael Vick one with any dog-related word.

The Ron Mexico one is better anyways.

Shoot, just Google “custom football jerseys” and you’ll get a bunchof linkson whereyou can do that. (I linked the Google search for you, just in case these other links don’t give you enough options.)