Does anyone know where to buy those crappy 80s mesh college football jerseys?

This isn’t really about games, but I figgured the football folks would be in here, feel free to move, mods.

I want to dress up as football anti-hero Brian Bosworth for Halloween (yes, there will be a mullet/mohawk haircut involved) but I can’t find an 80s mesh jersey. There are plenty of modern OU jerseys to be had with 44 and Bosworth on them, but they just don’t capture the Boz-atude that a crappy mesh one would have.

Any idea on where to get one? Even if I could order a non-OU one (at a reasonable price) that would be the right color, with the number and name on it, I would be happy, it need not say ‘Sooners’.

Couldn’t find Boz’s already made, but this might do the trick if you get the maroon one and get the name and number added. Looks like it’s $20.95 for the shirt w/o printing.

Here’s another one that you can take and get the name/number printed on.

You are right though; it is surprisingly hard to find that type of shirt anymore!

Those shirts in the first link look good, it’s too bad you have to order 8 of them to get the heat seal name and numbers. I’ll check around here today to see if any shops at the mall can put on the numbers and name. Might be able to convince them to do ‘Sooners’ as I’m not sure what the rules are on that kind of thing.

I think I’d go with red over maroon, as the OU shirts were a little redder in those days.

I could always do a white road shirt instead I guess.

Thanks a bunch.

How 'bout this?