I need help finding a sports jersey I saw today

While I was driving home, I saw a guy walking with a long sleeve sports jersey on that was the coolest damn jersey I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he was on the opposite side of a 6 lane street and walking in the opposite direction I was going. I only saw him for a few seconds, then the light went green and I had to go.

The jersey itself was black with red flames coming up from the bottom.

The logo in the front center appeared to be some sort of Mayan- or Central American-type head/face symbol (ya know, sorta like this).

I’m pretty sure there were 4 lines of red that originated around the symbol (they were the background color) and continued to the shoulders and to the flames on the bottom of the jersey.

The back did have numbers and a name, although I cannot remember the name.

I’ve searched quite a bit tonight online but my google-fu is stymied (a rare and unsettling experience for me).

Because it was long sleeve, my instinct is that his was a hockey jersey. None of the images that come up when I google the 4 teams from Liga Mexicana Élite matches what I saw, however. The San Diego State University Aztecs don’t match. None of the teams from the ECHL, AHL, CHL or WSHL match.

Anyone have any idea what team and sport this jersey might have been from?:confused:

Help me, please!

What city was this in? That may help in narrowing it down.

I live in Las Vegas. I was traveling east on Flamingo Road and saw this guy at Swenson Street. It was about 2:45pm. :smiley:

Have you tried finding the logo here?

Wow, what a cool website; thanks for that! I had not, but I think now I’ve looked at every hockey and soccer logo they have and I didn’t see anything like what I saw.

This was a fairly new looking jersey; the flames were “realistic” and oriented as tho the bottom of the jersey was on fire.

I may have to sign up over there and ask on their forums, but for now I still have hope (and faith!) in the Dope.

Well, since we are eliminating minor hockey teams, which would be the culprits of a “long sleeve” hockey jersey . . . . .

Only suspect I have right now is an Insane Clown Posse hockey jersey, an example here, though it doesn’t match the flames deal:


. . . . BUT if you Google

insane clown posse hockey jersey

. . . you might find even more suspects.

A couple of similar ones to that, but with flames: 1, 2

That’s the right aesthetic, but not the jersey I saw. The flames at the bottom are the right style, but the Juggalo face, the Psychopathic Records guy etc. are wrong.

ETA: Your first examples closer to what I saw than the 2nd example. Thanks!

Snowboarder: Any chance this might’ve been a custom job, from one of those airbrush places? Maybe check some local ones, they might have done it, or could put you closer to your goal.

I’d put the possibility as ‘very low’; this seemed like a real jersey. Number and name on the back. I wanna say the name was 7 letters long but I can’t quite recall what it was. I wish I could; then I could look up the player by name and number and figure out where they had played.

My gf brought me back a rugby jersey from an Ireland trip. It’s a cool jersey.

Any chance it’s Rugby?

As I said, the jersey I saw had long sleeves. I can’t think of another sport besides hockey that uses long sleeves but last night I did look at all the soccer team logos on [Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Page](We’re talking about a bunch of cowboys camping in the middle of nowhere) which Skywatcher linked and I didn’t see any Mayan- or Central American-style head logos.

That jersey at your link is freaking awesome, tho, kayaker; I’d wear that. In fact, I bookmarked that site in case I want to try my hand at making a nifty custom jersey. Thanks!

Hmmmm. Now I’m checking roller hockey teams. Not seeing what I’m looking for, but some of them have sweet uniforms.

UNAM has a fairly Mayan-looking logo, but I don’t know if they’ve ever had a kit with flames on.

No, what I saw was a face with a circular-ish frame, like you’d see on a Mayan calendar.

Uh, no offense, but um, shouldn’t you wear a jersey of a team you actually support? I know you think it looks cool and all, but it just seems kind of odd, that’s all. (At least find out a bit about the team.)

I support hockey. I like the sport. Plus I have a small collection of minor league hockey team jerseys (that started with a jersey from my hometown Elmira Jackals, natch).

I also support basketball, for the same reason: I enjoy the sport. Middle school kids, high school, college, pros, European leagues… heck I’ll watch two guys in a playground play basketball.

Also racing: car, truck, motorcycle, unimotorcycle… as long it goes faster than a person can run, I’ll watch.

I know it is not this, but how could you resist the chimichangas?

ETA: you should search their gallery, it may be in there.

Ike, it isn’t there, but I want to say thank you & I hate you; you’ve just cost me a lot of money. There is NO way I can live without a Miskatonic University hockey jersey. And a Chimichangas and a Los Pollos Hermanos and a Boomsticks…

Minor league hockey teams, real ones, have great names and logos. No one will be able to tell if some of those are real or a joke (and that’s the best kind of joke, IMO).

I hope someday I can return the favor; I won’t forget this!

Okay, cool. I’m just kind of a snob about bandwagon fans. (I’ve encountered waaaay too many puck bunnies) I hope you find out who they are – cuz that sounds like a cool jersey. (Perhaps Dave’s Geeky Hockey could help? He had a Harry Potter hockey jersey – I would totally wear that!)