Where can you go to find a bodyweight scale

I want to check to see what I weigh now to see what it is vs a few years ago, and don’t have a bathroom scale (which is good, it shows I’m not obsessive about this stuff. yay me). I know I can go to a doctors office, but I don’t want to spend $60+ on a visit just to use the scale.

I suppose I could go to a gym and spend $5 on a day pass, then use the scale there.

I don’t know of any friends who have a bathroom scale I can use.

Some department stores have scales at the entrance, you pay $0.25-.50 to use it. But I don’t know which ones. Maybe a GNC or store like that will have a scale that takes quarters.

Weirdest of places, but there’s actually one of those pay-per-weighs at a mall near here. Right by the food court in front of the movie theater.

Can’t you just pick up a cheap bathroom scale for $20 or so?

None of my doctors has ever charged me to weigh myself on their scales. I used to stop by the office now and then and just ask to use theirs.

Then my insurance sent me an extremely accurate scale, so now I use that.

Yeah, but I only need to use it once. So I’d rather spend $0.50 than $20.

I think every grocery store I’ve ever been in had a free bodyweight scale just inside the front door.

Do places that sell them (WalMart) have display models out?

Weird- I don’t think I’ve ever seen one at a grocery store in my life.

If you have a primary care provider, I’d think they would let you in for a one-time weighing without charging you a co-pay.

How strange! Maybe people scales in grocery stores is a southern thing.

How about going to a local playground with thirty or forty bags of sugar. Load sugar sacks on one side of the seesaw, and you sit on the other. Add/subtract sugar until you know your weight!

One hesitates to speculate why. Perhaps the store itself has a weight limit? (I always assume all those “pictures of lumbering fat people from the waist down” stock footage things from the news are shot here in the South.)

Your doctor would seriously consider charging you to use his scales? Okay, that’s just odd.

If I was you, I’d call them and ask, maybe they’re feeling generous today.

Your regular doctor’s office would most likely let you use their scale if you asked nicely.

The local pharmacy here has one. I don’t know if the big chain pharmacies do.

Wii fit?

Carnival season is coming up . . . try the “Guess your weight” guy?

I think I’d try Walmart or similar and see if the ones in the store are usable.

Places such as Bed Bath and Beyond often have functional display scales.

Otherwise, how well do you know your neighbors? They probably have a bathroom scale.

Knock, knock

“Hi. I live down the street and I’d like to get weighed.”

SLAM “Fuckin lisping perverts!”

No, I remember them when I was a kid in Michigan. They had them in grocery stores near the door and often pharmacies too. You would put a coin in a slot at the top. But that was back when the drugstore bathrooms also had dry soap in a grinder thing (you’d turn a knob and soap would come out the bottom in powder) and cotten linen towel roller things like this. They had those well into the 1970s.

Later, I remember the grocery store scale was sitched for a novelty one that gave you a fortune along with your weight.

Aside from the gym, mall, or GNC, I believe one of the theaters that the spouse and I go to has a coin-operated scale. Bonus - you’ll get your fortune and personalized, winning lottery ticket numbers too!

Petsmart has scaled that can weigh huge dogs.