Where did Coldfire go?

I/we haven’t seen Coldfire around these parts for a long time now. What happened to him?

Last seen a couple of days ago here.

So he is.
Well that’s odd. I must have coldfire-blindness. I can honestly say I don’t remember seeing his name above a post for what seems like a year.

He may be off checking on Bosda.

He got sidetracked with the wildly inflationary tulip trade. Or tripped over those clunky wood shoes. Or got stoned. Or lucked into marrying a hot and cold gorgeous, funny, smart woman or sumpin’.

The fool. Leaving all this behind…harumph.

Cecil has him on a special mission.

It is not mere coincidence that he and Batman are never in the same place at the same time.

Damn you.

I was going to comment that if you ever needed me, you could send up the BatSignal.
I’ve got the bust of some not-so-famous dude ready an’ waiting.