Where did Stargate Universe go wrong? - Spoilers if you've never seen it.

Re Stargate Universe I appreciate any attempt to bring decent science fiction to the screen, but I never really could get behind this show. It had ships, and 'splosions and aliens and drama, but (for me) most of the characters ranged from borderline annoying to repulsive.

I like complex characters and especially well done bad guys, but the postured conflicts were all so petty and scrabbling, and the contrived torturous visits home, and the extended emo drenched musical interludes at the beginning and the end. It had some good points but in the end I just got tuckered of it. There still one season to play but it looks very unlikely at this point as if the series will be renewed.

I’m not big on the concepts behind the entire Stargate universe, but I was watching this show. I don’t know if the stones are an established technology, but their inclusion and the whole body transfer thing was very annoying to me. However, without them, the show is nothing more than another take on Battlestar Galactica.

While I’ve seen the other Stargate franchises, and especially liked Atlantis, I couldn’t get behind Universe either. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seems like they tried too hard to make it a more character-driven show that relied on interpersonal relationships and dialogue far more than the others. Problem was, I didn’t care about any of the characters, so their trips back to earth didn’t matter to me. I found most of them just annoying, and even when aliens were involved, I felt that was also more mind-game crap rather than action and resolution. I’m pretty sure the show’s cancelled. Seems everyone else pretty much felt the same way. It was just too different a turn to make and still call it part of the Stargate franchise, I think. It might have been better if it had been made its own series without the Stargate premise and with the stones plus something else instead. It was a bit - forced.

Yep, the shows been canceled, right now we’re in the second half of season two.

Now, my opinion of the show comes not as a Stargate Fan, and from someone who just recently saw BSG, so my view wasn’t shaped by previous shows. My biggest problem with it was that they used the reset button too much. They tried to build a more serious arc-based show, but it seemed like whenever anything big happens, a few episodes later everything was back to normal.

I will say though that the show has gotten progressively better as it’s gone on. Season 2 is a lot better than season 1. I would say my biggest frustration has been the occasional flashes of brilliance that show how great the show can be. For example the episodes “Time” (with the crazy time-loop where everyone watches themselves die and “Malice” (the Sergio Leone-esqe hunt for a fugitive through the desert) are outstanding episodes. Not coincidentally the episodes were written and directed by co-creator Robert Cooper (reminds me of how the best episode of Lost are the ones that Lindelof and Cuse wrote.) There’s one more Cooper episode this season “Common Descent,” that I’m excited to see.

Why are sci-fi shows all dark these days? An interstellar spaceship should be able to spare enough power for decent lighting.

I found the show to be perfectly watchable, but I’m not surprised that it failed. It had such a different tone from the other Stargate series that the title worked against them. It basically had none of the advantages of being a Stargate series (built-in audience quickly alienated, minimal continuity with the other series) and all of the disadvantages of being a Stargate series (potential fans assuming they won’t like it because they don’t like SG-1 or Atlantis).

The body-swap stones mostly just lowered stakes and created plot holes. There wasn’t much of a point in establishing that they had a field medic but no doctor or surgeon if they could just have Chloe (or someone equally useless) swap with an expert on Earth. They could have gotten a much darker tone (which seems to be what they were looking for) if they really were cut off from home, and lost people and failed missions because they didn’t have the right expert on board. Not to mention we wouldn’t have to deal with everybody’s loved ones back home.

The military/civilian tensions generally didn’t work for me. I liked that Rush had an ulterior motive, but Wray always seemed to be plotting against Young for no particular reason. If they had left Wray (and while we’re at it, Chloe) out of the series and given more screen time to Brody, Volker, Palmer and company, we could have had a more interesting civilian side.

Personally I find really brightly lit indoor areas kinda stressful on my eyes. So I have a vague idea that people designing a large indoor space that people are stuck in for long periods of time would go for dim lighting.

Are the interiors of battleships and submarines well lit? My impression was no, but honestly I might just be getting that from movies. But I can’t imagine conserving power is much of a concern in nuclear powered vessels.

Agree that making a “gritty character driven Stargate” was a contradiction in terms though. They should’ve created a new property or found a more appropriate one to get the BSG treatment.

If it’s the same show I’m thinking about, the rapid zooming in and out and unsteady camera view was stressful to watch too.

That was a problem for me in both this and in Battlestar Galactica. I understand that civilians don’t want to be marginalized, but when you are on a military vessel being chased by other military vessels with no help in sight, STFU about your civil rights. The only right you have is to work as hard as possible to survive.

It’s been said in this thread before, they were trying too hard to BSG it. I’m always on the lookout for a show I could share with the kids…part way through the first episode we had a gratuitous fuck against the wall scene that, as far as I can tell was just there to say “lookie, we can do BSG, too!”

They had their B-list actor (Lou Diamond Philips), they have the military vs civilians, they had their constant scarcity…BSG…SGU…same number of initials, even!

That’s probably why I liked it.


OooooOoooOoh! look at my shaky cam skillz!

I never really got into BSG, did they have a large breasted solider woman in atight shirt that showcased her prominent nipples , cause if they did then SG Universe is a complete ripoff.

Maybe I’m more immune to it, but outside of the Kino feeds, I don’t remember much shaky cam stuff.

I like Stargate: Universe quite a bit, and I’m sorry to see it go. It wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but it was miles better than Stargate: Atlantis, which had really awful, cliched, lazy writing. With *Atlantis *they dialed the cheese factor up to 11 and then torqued the knob off. I think Dr. Rush is one of the most interesting characters they’ve had on any of the SG series and Robert Carlyle is hands down the best actor from any show in the franchise. It’s really a shame there won’t be another season or two to see how things would have played out.

But I guess Syfy has more time to air wrestling now. :frowning:

Maybe not quite so Bodaciously so, but they did have some…and some that paraded about in such a way and I’m surprised they didn’t catch cold:

I’m going through SG-U on Netflix. I’m okay with it because it’s not BAD, it’s Sci-Fi, and there seems to be a current drought (I haven’t given V a chance…and what else is there currently being aired?)

A friend of mine asked me to record the show for him, and I did - and we watch it together, even though I was fairly indifferent to the thing.

We have both come to the conclusion that it is bad. It’s tonally inconsistent with the previous Stargate entries; it’s a rehash of Battlestar Galactica in many ways; and there’s not a single likable character on the show. Junkie Baltar and Token Nerd and Useless Girl and Sergeant Shortfuse and Lieutenant Bland, why do we care about any of these people?

i kinda liked it actually, though i agree on the overuse of the reset button.

am i the only one put off by the constant drone of the ship?

Yeah, I’m always mystified by complaints about “shaky cam”. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

I believe BSG started it, it was an example where SGU was being like them.