Stargate Universe, 1.11 "Space" (open spoilers

SGU is back tonight.

Perhaps I should create another thread for this, but what are people’s thoughts on this show?

I never watched either of the Stargate shows that preceded it, though they did not seem that great(again…never watched much of them).

Anyway, is it any good? Loved BSG, Farscape, Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Caprica, Lost, and many sci-fiish show. :slight_smile:

This is getting very interesting.

I had never seen another Stargate other than the movie before watching this. I tried getting into SG1 but it never really grabbed me. I’m definitely digging SGU though.

Thanks for the heads-up. I had misremembered that it was back next week (plus Space has been airing movies all day because of Good Friday, reinforcing my assumption). This thread corrected me with eight minutes to spare.

'Bout damn time they got the next set of episodes on the air; I thought they’d never get back to it.

Not my favorite ep. Thought the aliens and their hardware were pretty well-realized, but their objective didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense, except as a plot contrivance to get Rush back on board. Also, I have a feeling the Chloe-haters were cheering Young’s decision to use the main weapon.

Didn’t get at all what was what was going on with the stones. I thought there had to be linked stones at both transfer points, for one thing.

Liked some of the throwaway bits, such as Young running out of socks, and that the food they are growing tastes off.

Maybe their little mindreading badges interfear with communication stones? I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the aliens.

I like the ending song sequence, going from character to character. As they get to Corporal Bazooka Boobs, they start off at her boobs. Because if they’d started with a head shot, I’d seriously have no idea who it was. And then we see her crying because she realizes she’s alone because her boobs are terrifying.

I assumed these were the aliens that were following the ship in the very beginning of the series. Maybe they have been following the ship for a long time (possibly before the SG team arrived on board), monitoring what was happening, then found a way to hack the communication stones without realizing how exactly they communicate. It could also explain how they picked up Rush so easily, even though he believes he activated a distress signal.

Or maybe Rush really did activate a distress signal, and they sucked his brains out for information.

I remember reading about the series and the writers were saying they weren’t going to face a super enemy in this series like the wraith. Instead they would have numerous encounters with many different aliens along the way.

It’s funny—I never really cared much one way or the other about the communication stones back in SG1. But the “glitches” they introduce in this series—like Lou Diamond’s coitus interruptus or Young’s doubletake of that blue alien at the start of the episode—are brilliant. Love it.

This is way different from the old Stargate stuff.


I don’t get why Power-Hungry Woman wants to ally with Rush, whose main goal is to never ever go back to Earth. I mean, I realize she hates Young, but Rush is way crazier.
I was reading this thread aloud to my husband, who objects to the demeaning terms used for a certain female soldier. He votes for calling her Sergeant Gazongas.

How about Private First Class First Class Privates?

You’re quite fixated with her, aren’t you? I mean, I get it; the show is the tits, and we were all probably bouncing around when the show came back for to flash us the rest of this season’s eps.

Has it been spelled out exactly what the shadowy Powers That Be to whom she reports are trying to achieve? I know her proximate goal is to kick out Young, but I don’t recall if they spelled out what her (and her bosses’) ultimate goal is.

It does seem odd, though, considering that (a) she seemed pretty unenthused about working with the shadowy PTB and (b) she mostly seemed interested in getting back to her girlfriend. You’re right–I’d think Young would be a better choice for that goal, since he actually wants to go home, and Rush has no interest in ever getting home.

That’s inappropriate. It’s Second Lieutenant Gazongas.

IIRC I stopped watching after the episode where the Captain ditched Rush. The show was annoying in the extreme, and trying way to hard to be dark and angsty to the point it was almost slapstick.

I like the female anatomy as much as any hetero man, but a big set of jiggly tits usually gets trotted out into a dramatic series when the writing is weak, and this show is no exception.

That’ll be the episode before this one then.

Yea, the episode last night really picked up in the action department. You might want to watch it before posting in a thread about it.

I don’t understand why the other ship just suddenly left… possibly I missed something as my cats were doing cute things and distracting me…

That was my thought.