Stargate Universe, 1.09 "Life" (open spoilers)

Head’s up.

Lt. NOTGAY has loved ones?

Great (if unorthodox for Stargate) choice of opening/closing song.

“It’s been the worst…day…since yesterday!”

Glad to see whats-his-name get the shit beaten out of him. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I never even heard of Flogging Molly, but now I’m definitely going to check them out.

I’m liking how the show explores, in IMO a highly realistic manner given the subject, the reactions of Destiny’s passengers to the difficulties of their situation. Jeepers, this one was intense, though. I really had the feeling that the crew is falling apart, and the communication stones, rather than serving as the expected safety valve for the pressure, are actually exascerbating it.

I guess I must be hooked, though, because I practically hurled something at the TV when I found out that it’s two weeks to the next one, followed by some sort of mid-season hiatus. Bastards.

So, it’s Time Life something. I don’t suppose I could get a Time Life collection of a better TV series.

I’ve just about given up on this show. If nothing else, they have to get rid of those stupid stones.

It is becoming something of a soap opera.
I’m still glad he got beat up. :slight_smile:

True. Witness Homeworld Security suddenly pulling the plug on Youngs little visit after a cellphone call from Telford.

Golly where to start. Imagine that Mathew has a son. It was pretty touching to see the way he reacted. I almost cried. Boy oh boy, what is the deal with Rush? Do you think he is wants to get home or not. Why did he make up the planet data. I think that crazy bald guy is trouble, but mostly I want to know if Marlena ever come out of her coma to see the real Roman?

He was using the Commander Adama technique to keep up morale. :slight_smile:

I love the poll idea, but can we please keep the options consistent? What does “outside” even mean? I wanted to give this episode the lowest rating possible, but I couldn’t figure out what the last option meant. I think it meant “Hated it”. That’s me.

I’ve lost track of who’s screwing who already (not to mention what body they used – is it just me, or is having sex with another’s body just about the most iffy thing ever?). Who was that in the end bonking Greer? Was that something that had been previously established?

One of the civilian scientists. She was shown screwing someone else at the beginning of the episode and during her psych eval, said she was finding a way to relieve stress and keep busy (by tearing through the entire crew).

I liked this episode. It didn’t feel like they were trying quite so hard to test out a new style, like last week when they really went overboard with the kino-cam stuff.

Got a definite Firefly/Serenity vibe during the opening, and I could have sworn that was River doing her patented dancer type stretching on the observation deck.

Big kudos for their perfectly normal portrayal of Camilla’s relationship back home. See Ron Moore, you can do it without getting your panties in a bunch because you don’t know how to “do it right.” What does that even mean, anyway? Although, the way everyone in the show seems to be fucking someone they shouldn’t, I half expected Camilla’s partner’s other lover to show up right after Camilla left. :slight_smile:

Fun with comm stones! Wonder if there will be some sort of repercussions from Young sneaking back pretending to be Dr. Volker? The SG-1 chaperones pretty much suck as chaperones, don’t they? “Hi, I’m Dr. Volker. Take me to Telford’s house so I can kick his ass with this spunky little Airman’s body.” Okee-dokee!

I really like TJ. Great actress, it seems. I felt really bad for her having to work up psych profiles on the crew because she had a psych course once in college. Yikes.

Rush continues to impress me. I got the feeling he was acting strangly… I dunno… sort of agreeable and not completely unpleasant. I thought maybe the writers were treating him a bit inconsistently but I realize now when Rush starts acting nice, he’s up to something.

Nice set up for the political aspects of the show. Rush, Young, and now Camille all engaging in a little empire building to gain control of the ship.

Where was SGT Turbo-Tits this week? I miss them.

So, if Destiny is in subspace contact with the gate-building ships, why does she have to periodically stop to chat with the local gates? And…

The gate-builders are still out there?? Still building gates??? I asked this after episode one, but just how many gates are there now, after a million years, and why didn’t Destiny overtake them a long time ago?

Enough for now. Back to my coffee.

The show is turning into one big stupid emo fest of lazy writing. The stones were an interesting idea, but they have become a crutch with huge chunks of the show’s action devoted to earth side angst and navel gazing vs crunchy sci fi goodness.

Relatively little is being done with the gates, new worlds, etc. Exploring the ship in the last few shows is moving at an absurdly glacial pace. The guessing game the writers want to play with the character Rush is kind of beginning to annoy me as well.

I never really watched BSG except for a few snippets and several people have mentioned it’s trying to ape the tone of that show. It’s not working. I’ll give it another show or two and after than I’m moving on.

Plus they aren’t using the stones to their full extant either. Why did they have the field medic conducting pysch interviews when Homeworld Command surely has access to the best psychiatrists in the millitary and civilian worlds? :dubious: I’m just waiting for the episode where she must preferm some kind of complex surgery and it never occurs to anyone to swap Eli, Senator’s daughter, and Lt Boobs for a real surgical team.

It should’ve been “Hated It”. :smack: I don’t how that came up, but it’s left over from another poll I did. Sorry.

You make a very good point! I never even thought of that. Plus the people on board would be much more forthcoming with an interviewer that wasn’t present (in mind) every day. The stones give access to the best minds on earth and they’re using it for showers, dinners and night clubbing.

You should go back and read the previous threads. I and others already brought that stuff up starting at ep 1.

They have already brought in specialists. Remember the thing about firing up the gate inside a star? That went well. Yeah, they’ve got a great relationship going on back home with SGC, and now the various other oversight agencies meddling in everything with who knows what agenda?

It’s reasonable to assume elements on Earth are working up whole files on these people, psychology included, and Young just might need his TJ to work up her own anyway.

I really like the approach this show is taking. It’s not really campy so far nor does it hold back punches really.

I can really respect a show that will use time as an vehicle to kill the entire cast in a single episode, twice!

I know the episode’s two weeks old now, but to my credit, it was so boring that I fell asleep watching it the first time and only got through it on a second attempt. About the only thing I liked in this episode was Young laying down the law and telling Angry Skinhead Soldier (ASS?) to get his shit in check.

Have to agree with those who are exasperated with the communication stones as a crutch to fill time with teenage soap opera drama half a universe away. Not only do we have to keep track of who is who in whose body, but we have to watch characters engage in intimate encounters and even intergalactic affairs with loved ones using other people’s bodies as hosts? And women sitting around drinking wine, having dinner, hugging and crying near the old chair they can’t part with? :rolleyes:

I thought the whole concept of the show was supposed to be similar to BSG or Voyager in that they’re cut off from home and have only each other to depend on. If we must have sappy melodrama, please keep it on the Destiny. I wish those stones would break … I am cumulatively losing interest each time they use them because it’s just taking away time that should be devoted to developing the relationships between the people on the ship.