Stargate Universe; 1.06, Water (open spoilers)

I figured I’d try starting a seperate thread for tonight’s episode.

Dr. Rush:" Oh noes!!! We’re headed for this water planet and we’re doomed!!!1!!"
Crew: “Oh noes!!!”
Dr. Rush. “Just kidding. The ship knew we needed the water.”
Col Young: “Lotta work, that one.”

We got swirly alien thingies.

We got bad ass swirly alien thingies.

"That’s just as stupid, SIR!

Can someone tell me what happened during the first 11 minutes? I was watching Flight of the Conchords on DVD and forgot about the time. :o:smack:

Well, good to see they are serious about working in more non-human aliens.

[geek mode]

It always bugged me that the Captain would show join every Away Team on the Star Trek series, even when there was no military rationale for doing so. So on this one Young insists on going, even though they only have two dodgy suits, the planet they are visiting is inhospitable, and he is (presumably) still significantly weakened from his injuries. They’re going out to look for water, fer cryin’ out loud. Any grunt could have done that. Maybe he was just getting bored sitting around shipside.

[/geek mode]

Overall, a less than stellar script, IMO, and in the end, not much of great import seems to happen, but like all the eps I’ve seen so far, it was well directed and filmed, there was some interesting character progression, and the acting abilities of the cast continue to impress.

First it was few bags of dirt so they could breath.

Now its a few pallets of water so they can drink.

Come on now, whats next ? The taco bell planet ?

Naw, the One Hour Dry Cleaning planet.

Roughly, the leadership determines that they’ve lost nearly half the supply of water they had found aboard the ship to begin with, without apparent leakage. About that time the ship drops out of FTL near a conveniently icebound planet. There’s a bit of foreshadowing concerning the swirly-bug aliens, they find a couple of spacesuits that more or less work, Young and Scott head down to the planet to locate some uncontaminated water ice for their gin and tonics, and by that point, I guess, you’ve joined the story.

Who is he going to trust on this, Greer? Eli? :rolleyes:

Not sure why you’re rolling your eyes at me but go ahead if it makes you feel better. There are several other military types on board who could have managed this mission, and why wouldn’t Greer be trustworthy for this? Hell, he was the whole reason they got anything back from White Sands Planet.

Anyway, I said I was speaking in geek mode. This plot point doesn’t really kill my enjoyment of the story, I just thought it was worth commenting on. Apparently not.

Sure it is worth commenting on, that’s what the SDMB is all about.
If I were in that situation, as I’ve been in a minor way in other situations, I wouldn’t trust others to do something important. Maybe you learn to do that in the military.
There just seem to be a lot of fuck ups on Destiny.

Agreed. Anyway, that’s actually one of the aspects I’m most liking about the show, although that feature seems to have annoyed many fans of the older series. I’m looking forward to next week, as Telford, who already has been painted as something of a martinet, apparently has a notion of taking command of the ship through one of those communication pebble deals. That seems like a total FUBAR waiting to happen.

I thought it was pretty clearly supposed to be the two people with (space)pilot training, and who therefore had training on using space suits.

Well, the episodes have been:


… so pretty obviously it’ll be “Bacon” next. What other vital necessity to life haven’t they covered, after all?

OK so we saw aliens, but they weren’t evil, except for killing a guy. Of course there was no suspense whatsoever on Scott in the crevasse. Scotts going to stick around to irritate Eli for a long time. Eli’s a whiner. “Everybody’s lying!”

Next episode “Earth”

I’m thinking the ship is retarded. Why the hell did the ship only fill 40% of it’s reserves before taking off from the sun? :dubious:

Good point.


“Toilet Paper”

Maybe it couldn’t remain close to the sun long enough to fill up completely without risking damage to the ship or the death of it’s passengers.