Where did the "overlord" phrase originate?

“Well I, for one, welcome our new (bacony, or whatever) overlords.” Where did this phrase originally come from? Thanks!

It was an episode of “Futurama.” The news lady (or was it Morbo?) said it, when announcing some take over. I forget who the overlords were in that episode.

The Simpsons did it first and started the trend.


Whoops…looks like I was off base with my Futurama ref.

It was actually The Simpsons, not Futurama. Specifically, the episode where Homer becomes a space shuttle astronaut.


The Simpsons. There was an episode in which Homer Simpson rides the space shuttle, and in his incompetence, he breaks open an ant farm. News cameras, intending to interview him about his “common man” experience in space, instead see ants that appear to be gigantic because they’re close to the camera. Springfield newscaster Kent Brockman says, “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.” and a meme is born.

There’s a poster on this board called Hail Ants whose user name derives from the same joke.

Blast, I should have known I wouldn’t make it first. Well, at least I gave lots of detail.