Where did they put my beer?

A few years ago I had some wonderful brew. I’ve since looked for it and my liquor store owner/friend told me that the company pulled distribution back to the Pacific North West (apparently, they had expanded too quickly.)

Now I have a “connection” to PNW and I’d like to get some of the beer. Problem, I can’t remember the name of it!!

I know that there were 4 “varieties”.

  1. a red called “Boar’s Head Red”
  2. a lager named “[first name last name] Lager”
  3. an IPA named “[first name last name] IPA”
  4. a brew called “[first name last name] Private Reserve”

The last name might have begun with an “L”, but everytime I try to think of it, “Leinenklugel” jumps into my head - which is not it.

I KNOW that there are lots of beer drinkers out there among the TM, can anyone help me with the name of this libation?

I believe you are looking for “Henry Weinhard’s” of the Blitz-Weinhard brewing Co. in Tumwater Wa. (Stroh Brewing)

Here in Seattle it’s the preferred option to Bud and just as inexpensive :slight_smile:

(BTW it’s Blue Boar Red Lager)

Yep. Estragon’s right.

I immediately thought of Weinhard’s too.

It’s not a bad brew (I don’t think it belongs down there with Bud, but everyone has their opinion) and you’re right- You need to hurry up a stock your fridge because their going down fast.

That’s it!! A friend who’s boyfriend lives in Oregon City asked her beau. He mentioned the same thing. She told me the name and I also checked the board to find your reply. Thanks.

The beau said that it’s a relatively cheap beer and that it’s probably not what I’m thinking of. I have expensive tastes. Boy was he wrong!!

Oh, when did they change the name to “blue boar red lager”? I guess it was a marketing thing.

Cnote, what do you mean by “stock your fridge because they’re going down fast”? Are they going out of biz? I have the opportunity to go to Seattle in April and I want to buy a case or two and ship it back to MD. I hope it’s not too late.

Hey, it’s better than Olympia!!

thanks for the help.


I had heard, a while back mind you, that the brewery was in financial trouble and wouldn’t be around much longer, or something along those lines.

In trying to find a site for that comment, I ran accross a different site that details the beers history and possible future for the brewery.

I wasn’t exactly right in my earlier comment, but it still looks like the brand will be fazed out sometime soon.

The site.

Cnote, thanks for the info. I had the brew about 4 years ago and loved it. It seems that the recipe has changed (according to the site). Now I don’t think I want to spend the money on Miller High Life in a different bottle. Shame. It was a good beer.

As a thanks for your help, if you (and estragon) ever come out to the DC/Balt. area, I’ll take you to the Ram’s Head Tavern for some of their house brewed beer. :slight_smile:

Henry’s WAS a downtown Portland beer, and filled the blocks around Powell’s Books with the lovely aroma of malt and wort, but was bought up by the biggies, dammit, and is now, according to the above accounts, being made in Tumwater, God dammit. They claimed at the time of the purchase that they’d keep the recipe. Oh well.
It isn’t a truly fancy beer, but a dependible cheap standby-- it’s a touch below Redhook but it’s a damn sight better than the Miller/Bud/ Hamms style.

They are tearing/have torn down the old brewery in downtown Portland and are using the prime location to erect, ugh, more condos, townhouses, stripmall/commercial properties. They still have vast quantities of their beers (Henry’s Ale is my favorite), made up north, and it still tastes the same to me. FYI.

Hey, don’t hog the good places for the out-of-towners. Where is this fine establishment??

Gosh, Olentzero, please don’t feel slighted. I merely wanted to share some of our better local brews with our “guests”. I guess I assumed that everyone in the DC/Balt. area knew of this.

There are two “Rams Head Taverns”. The “original” is on West Street in Annapolis, right outside of Church Circle. It’s across from “La Toro Bravo”, one fine Mexican Rest. The RHT in Annapolis is a restaraunt with a brewery on site. There is also a bar downstairs with local entertainment and there’s a “Rams Head On Stage” section, a 125 person “auditorium” for concerts and food. This venue is excellent. It’s table seating, no smoking and they serve lite fare and drinks. Mrs. Spritle have been there numerous times to see NRBQ, Ritchie Havens, David Wilcox, Adrian Legg, Rev. Billy C. Wertz, Dar Williams, and probably a few others I can’t remember. I list these not in a boasting way, but to give you a flavor of the type of musicians they book. They have a website:


The second “sattelite” RHT is in Savage Mill, Savage, MD (right north and basically part of Laurel, MD. I don’t think they brew on site, in fact, I’m pretty sure they don’t. This is more of a restaurant only. They have a bar section, and serve the same beer as in Annapolis, but with different names.

Perhaps a mini-Dopefest should be planned for local dopers to meet at one of the RHT for drinks one Friday…