Where did Wishbone go?

Attrayant, KarlGauss & Gaspode had some really interesting things to say in answer to Wishbone’s query about the digestive system, but I can’t find that thread any longer!
I’m particularly intrigued to hear the views of a scruffy little dog of dubious parentage (Gaspode knows who he is!).

Sgt. Angua.

Was the “digestive” thread in General Questions? Is this a “General Question”? Should I move this to MPSIMS?

This thread?

Where did I go?

I went to Seattle’s Bumbershoot arts festival and visited four of it’s seven beer gardens. The last thing I clearly remember is David Lee Roth asking a young woman in the front row who her daddy was. I am happy to say say that Diamond Dave lived up to every expectation I have had of him since I first saw him on Mtv when I was six. Dave, you old dog, you.

You can’t imagine how pleased I am that a thread concerning my whereabouts has managed to stay in GQ for over three hours and even after a moderator has made the rounds.

Clare Ashworth, Smooooooooooooch! :smiley:

It looks like wishbone is right here. I guess that answers any General Question there was in the OP.

This is closed.

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