Where did you go to high school?

I’m thinking there may be some people who may have gone to high school together without realizing it. (Hey, koeeoaddi once dated a guy I went to junior high with.)

So – where and when (graduation year)?

Point Loma High School, San Diego, 1972

Del Norte High School, Albuquerque, 1978.

I seriously doubt there’s another Del Norte grad here.

Raleigh High School, Raleigh MS, 2001.

Southold High School, Southold, NY, 1970.

HEY! That’s where I went!

Just kidding.

Petaluma High School, Petaluma, CA 1996.

River Valley High School
Cheshire, OH

Beavercreek High School, Beavercreek, Ohio, 2001.

Monroe Township High School

Monroe Township (Middlesex County- There are actually 2 Monroe Townships in NJ) New Jersey


Orchard View High School, Muskegon Michigan, 1974

Queechy High School, Newstead, Tasmania 1988-91 and Launceston College, Launceston, Tasmania 1992-1993 - but I doubt I’ll run into anyone else here who attended either of those, especially Queechy. Pretty small school.

Flint Central High, class of 2005

Home of the oldest Model United Nations program in Michigan, and the oldest continuous A Cappella Choir in the nation

Canandaigua Academy
Canandaigua NY
Class of 1975

Wayne Memorial HS, class of 88.

In the city of Wayne, Wayne County, MI, the land of no imaginative names. :cool:

Wilson High, Cherokee, IA. There was only one high school so we generally just called it Cherokee High.

Number in high school 350. Number in senior class - 95.

Our school colors were old gold and black. The school song was “Onward Cherokee” sung to the tune of “On Wisconsin.”

Danbury High School, Danbury, CT
Eastern Wayne, Goldsboro, NC
Wayne Community College, Goldsboro, NC (I got my diploma through a program designed for adults)

All class of 1993.

Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge, NJ, USA
Class of 1988

St. John High School. Gulfport, MS.
Class of 2004.
About 350 people in the school and fifty-seven or thereabouts in the graduating class. I probably won’t be meeting any schoolmates here.

I used to live on Monroe Ave. in Lawrence Harbor, NJ…a looong time ago.

I don’t have to mention how long ago that was though, do I twickster?

George School
Newtown, Penna.
The twilight of the Nixon Administration. :slight_smile:

Cave Spring High School, Roanoke, VA. The school of choice for Roanoke’s rich and pretentious, of which I was and am neither, but it’s a good school regardless. Go Knights.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t encountered anyone on here (that I know of) who’s closer to me than Richmond. There’s at least gotta be somebody from Lynchburg.