Where do coke dealers get those cute little Zip-loc baggies?

You know the little baggies your coke comes in?

They have a plastic Zip-loc much like popular food storage bags, but they’re only about an inch by an inch and a half.

Where do coke dealers get these bags from?

I’ve never seen them in a conventional market.

They’re just so darn cute!

Are they ever used for anything other than coke?


I got some from a hobby store to hold my nuts, bolts, and screws seperate in my toolbox. Admittedly, that’s the only use I’ve put them to, but they do exist.

I use them making Rc aircraft, for storage of small parts and screws and such, I get them at my local craft store.

I thought they were for pot. My friend had one once with little marijuana leaves all over it. Betcha that wasn’t for nuts & bolts. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are quite commonly used in shops to store small items of stock such as earrings or small electronic components - you can buy them by the thousand in a wide range of sizes.

IIRC, you can’t get them anymore in Washington DC. They decided they were being used mainly for drugs so they were banned. Maybe they’ve been discouraged where you live, too.

Head Shops.

Basically, anywhere you buy any other drug paraphanelia (sp?).

I’ve seen them in bong shops. You can get a big box containing 100 or so little baggies, decorated with little designs like Playboy bunnies.

I’ve seen them in bait shops. A very handy thing for keeping your baits, hooks, sinkers, etc. separate. Oh, and for putting crack in.:rolleyes:

I suppose you could use them for drugs but there so small you would have to litterally have to rip it open to get your moneys wroth out of it.

And the problem with that is…?

Maybe its me and not having any large adictions but that seems like to much work for a quick fix… hmmm crazy people and there crazy drugs.

Jewelry supply – I use them to sort beads. Jewelry supply catalogs sell them in a wide range of sizes. Right now I have 1x1-1/2, 2x3, 3x4 (holds a pair of carded earrings), and 4x6.

They get them from the propsmaster.

There’s a whole string of ‘poster’ and ‘t-shirt’ stores that sell various things ranging from small ziplocs of various sizes to scales, rolling papers and crack pipes. (These stores are distinct from the ones that sell hemp clothing/goods, books about the usefulness of hemp, and tobacco pipes.) What’s really weird about the ziplocs is that they’re available with various logos printed on them that must make high-school dealers seem really, really cool. Marijuana leaves, smiley faces, dollar signs, and so on. Really, really cool.

Occasionally, I’ve seen lab manuals call for putting samples of chemicals into ‘1"×1" polyethylene bags’. This would appear to be a legitimate purpose for these bags, but in reality we’d always use glass sample vials instead. That being said, the aforementioned ‘poster stores’ also sell glass sample vials.

I’m enjoying everyone’s clever little euphemisms for cocaine!

“nuts and bolts”


“carded earrings”

All very interesting, I haven’t heard these uses of these words before. I’ll have to try some of these when making my next trip to the “Hobby Shop”!

And bienville wins the “Made NotMrKnowItAll Chuckle First” award for the day.

For the record, I use those little ziplocs to store tiny disks of stainless steel screen. I use them in “experiments.”

WOW! Now I’m a euphemism for cocaine!

I am honored.

I use the tiny Zip-Loc baggies for their **intended purpose: **
they keep my 3/4-inch x 3/4-inch peanut butter & jelly sammiches nice & fresh.

You know that My local walmart banned the sell of hobby ziplock baggies and they wanted to ban all polyethylene bags becuase of there use in drugs but they couldnt get clearence from the head hounchoes.

There is a small head shop in town where My friends buysscreens for there faucets and he has an aboundence of these little baggies. The most popular use I have seen them for around here is putting a days dose of “Nuts and Bolts” in. I live in a small weird druggie counter culture community.