Where do I find 50's style drawings like the Fightin Whites logo?

Here’s a link: http://www.cafepress.com/fightinwhite/products.aspx?storeid=fightinwhite

Is there a source for this stuff? I think the drawings are funny to add new captions to and have been looking for the style online. Is there a name for it? Do you even know of a site with good ones? Thanks!

I don’t know whether there’s a specific name for the style, but James Lileks has a lot of stuff, especially at his Institute of Official Cheer.

I was just searching for this exact same kind of thing, for some clip art for posters. I call it kitsch or retro; they’re good terms to search with.

Some links:

World Wide Retro


There’s some here as .jpg files e.g tequila-hug.jpg. If you go up a level there are lots of archives.

This seems to be a central list of 50’s retro galleries. Some may need photoshopping to pick out specific images, and check if permissions are needed.

TeeJay’s Gallery Page

The copyright notice at the bottom of the page says some images are owned by www.arttoday.com

This appears to be a subscription site for artwork. Might be a good place to start.

The Fightin’ Whities’ mascot reminds me of JR Bob Dobbs (sp?) of the Church of the Subgenius.

Wow! Thanks a lot everyone!

I thought the same thing. That, in turn, for some reason reminds me of The Appletons, an old comic strip that used to run in National Lampoon magazine. The Appletons had a pet rabid dog named Foamy.

<sigh> Good times . . .

Dover puts out a whole series of copyright-free clip art books, with great images dating back as far as the early 19th century, and up to kitsch images from the mid- to late-20th century as well. They have LOTS of those “Fighting Whites” type folks.