Where do I find Henry Mancini's "Condorman" score?

I know, the movie stinks, but the soundtrack is really good. Problem is, I NEVER found this one anywhere, not on CD nor vynil. It does exist at all?

You actually SAW the movie? I thought I was the only one.

The movie is so obscure that not even its producers have heard of it.

I saw it as well, when it first came out. I think it was a bit more successful in the UK than the US because Michael Crawford is quite famous here.

I found the theme on Napster, mostly corny sound effects.

This version is taken directly from the video version. I want a clean track.
And to think that this movie was based on THE GAME OF X, by one of my favourite writers, Robert Sheckley. I kid you not.

“The Game of X” was much superior. Probably would have made a good movie, too. (Though “American Dreamer” has used the idea.)

In the early 80s, Roger Ellwood was doing promotion for Disney at the Lunacon science fiction convention. He was running a Disney trivia sesssion and when he ran out of questions, I suggested he ask “What Disney movie was made from a Robert Sheckley novel?” He didn’t know the answer.

It wasn’t released becuase the score was shit mate.

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