Where do I get a box in which to ship something?

I want to send a package via the USPS. I need a box. Can I get one at the post office (the item is small, but larger than the priority mail boxes; roughly 20x12x5), or is there somewhere else that has them?

I’ve never bought a cardboard box before.

The USPS will have flat rate boxes, though I’m not sure on the sizes. The boxes are free and if it fits, it ships for a standard price.

Otherwise just go to a store and see if they have any old boxes on their way to the compactor and see if any will fit your needs. I run a produce store and we give people boxes all the time for shipping and moving. I’m sure an office supply store or grocery store would have a bazillion of them as well.

Ships USPS priority and the box is free.

If it’s 3" and and not 5, then you may get by with one of these:

In Southern California the is a chain of stores called Box City that specializes in selling cardboard boxes of all different shapes and sizes. Perhaps there are similar stores round your way.

UPS stores also carry a selection of cardboard boxes. You don’t have to using them to mail stuff via UPS.

Walmart sells shipping boxes in a variety of sizes. I have bought then there many times. They are located in the office supply section with other supplies needed for mailing or shipping stuff.

Ha, this pack rat has hundreds of boxes in his attic. Too many to find the just right one when you need it. My little jerkwater town has a store that sells boxes, and will pack and arrange pickup by one of several carriers.

Although it won’t fit in a Priority Mail box, the post office does sell Ready Post boxes for a nominal fee. I’d say you’re looking at spending about $4 on the box, in addition to postage. Unfortunate the other posters missed the part about it not fitting in a Priority Mail box and still suggesting you look at a Priority Mail box :dubious:

After they move, many people get rid of their boxes via Criagslist. One example in your area: http://burlington.craigslist.org/zip/2698562871.html.