Where do riddles go?

Factual questions, IMHO, Games or Cafe Society?

If it’s a riddle for Dopers to solve, I’d put it in Thread Games.

If it’s for the history of riddles, I’d do FQ.

Cafe Society wouldn’t have anything to do with riddles unless maybe it’s a book, movie, or film about riddles. Or if you’re talking about Tom Riddle.

Riddle strategies, maybe Game Room.

I have a riddle but no answer. Thread games?

Thread games is for PLAYING a game. If you’ve got a riddle you can’t solve I’d say CS, which is about all artistic endeavors.

Already posted in Thread Games but if the mods want to move it I’m okay with that.

A riddle is a game, not art.

Though I’d have said Game Room for assistance with a riddle, the same way people ask for help with, say, chess.