Where do the socks go? (no joke!)

Seriously, WTF…


Off to MPSIMS.


Entropy wins.

I’m right there with you. At the beginning of the school year I bought my child 20 pair of socks. 20. Now there are only 4 or 5 socks left. Where the heck did they all go?!?

They get banned.

Check the toes of boots. If you have a top loading washer, you might find some missing socks by removing the tub. I once found a bra underwire while helping with some machine repair - along with two unmatched socks and some underpants.

But the real answer is that missing socks are just the embryonic form of extra wire hangers.

Many years ago now (when my four kids were living at home) we of course had the eternal problem of finding pairs of socks. So one day when I had nothing better to do, decided to do a ‘socktake’ of every damned one in the house. Cupboards, drawers and laundry baskets were upturned, beds upended…you know the drill.

It took a whole day, but in the end there were 68 pairs of socks! Why five people would need 68 pairs of socks still eludes me, but there ya go.

What was more astonishing is that there were 194 single socks without a mate. :confused:

I know the answer to this one - in the corners of your fitted sheets!

That works out to just 13 pairs per person, which really isn’t many at all.

Black Vulcan: In my pants.

I never noticed this when I lived with my parents or in university residence. It only seemed to start happening after I moved into a place where I was responsible for feeding myself. Therefore, I’m forced to assume that I’ve been putting meat in the washing machine and cooking my socks.

The fuck it isn’t! I did washing every 1.5 days, and there is no reason at all why we needed thirteen-fucking-pairs-of-socks each.

Especially as the boys (x3) grew awfully attached to their foot-things, and wanted to wear them for weeks at a time. The stink was memorable!

Oh gawd, am I ever grateful they’re all grown up now! IOW…their sock issues are somebody else’s problem now. :smiley:

No, you are confusing socks with paperclips. Paperclips are the eggs, wire hangers are the larvae, and bicycles are the adult form, displaying sexual dimorphism.

Socks, because of their naturally paired state, are liable to quantum tunneling through to a parallel universe, caused by spontaneous symmetry breaking.

I count the socks when they go in the wash bin. Today: 18. Out of dryer: 18.

They only disappear when ya don’t count 'em. :wink:

They’re with all your missing pens, partying it up.

And why is it always just the left sock that disappears?

The answer is the to Il Paradiso dei Calzini.

Have you ever cried over lost socks before? Well you will now. If you speak Italian, anyway.

I thought everyone knew that the dryer lint trap was actually a portal to another dimension.

When I became single I threw out all my socks, then bought eighteen pairs (they came in 6-packs) of identical socks. Now I never have to pair any that come out of the wash or worry about single socks going missing…!