Where do thread parodies go?

I know they go somewhere, but I can’t find out where in a good two minutes of searching for the rules. I wanted to make fun of someone’s thread, but in doing so I would be posing as someone other than me, and I’m sure that’s a violation, except in the one place where we’re allowed to post parodies. Which is where, again?

Parodies go in the Pit. You may want to include a link to the victim thread (so-to-speak) just in case your thread is mistaken for a joke thread or is unrecognizable as a parody (it happens).

Thank you, Skip.

This is about **Why Not’s **MPSIMS thread about Pit thread starters isn’t it?

What about friendly parodies that aren’t meant to demean the original at all. Say if I reworked an OP called “Let’s Discuss Cannabis” (even though it’s more a GD topic let’s pretend it’s in MPSIMS, I couldn’t think of a good MPSIMS topic to use) with “Let’s Discuss Cannibals” just to see how well everyone could play along? I’m not harmfully attacking the thread, or the poster, in fact I may participate in the thread in question and like it. Is it just the Pit for organizational purposes, because it’s possible to parody without vitriol?

Well, if it doesn’t demean anyone in the other thread, and you think it can live a life of its own (as opposed to just being a one-post thread), I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I think we’ve seen a few like these in the past, in fact.