Where do you buy persimmons?

In the '70s, my grandmother in Oregon would make persimmon cookies. They were good. But I’ve never seen persimmons sold in stores. Where do you get them?

Costco was selling a pack of 8 this month. I’ve also seen them as singles at Whole Foods.

Schnucks had em 2 weeks ago. Theyre seasonal.

Tesco are selling them 3 for a pound this year. I don’t think I’ve seen them in a supermarket before. They’re delicious!

If I wanted them, I would go out to the local golf course and get them from the trees. There are thousands and thousands out there.

But it is too late now.

Well, JLA you got me wondering and I started to look for them here in Houston. Noticed a side ad and Amazon has them fresh.


Enjoy. Apparently Asian Markets routinely carry them as well.


Johnny, I see them at every Asian grocery store this time of year.

Central coastal Ca is full of laden trees right now. I just go out my front door. Every roadside stand has them, even the supermarkets have them right now.

In Japan (is that where you are?) they let them freeze on the trees and eat them like PersimmonSicles!

Make sure they are ripe. Underripe persimmons are AWFUL

True. You’re not supposed to eat them until they start to look like they’re rotten.

Hy-Vee, a Midwestern grocery chain, has them too. They’re expensive, but worth every penny!


We get Chinese persimmons in the markets here. They’re pretty big.


there are two types of Permission. Only one is vile if underripe (it not only tastes bitter, it leaves a texture in your mouth like ground glass). The good kind is called a non-astringent persimmon and the Fuyu persimmon is the kind I commonly see. it’s fine if its under-ripe; it’s just not as tasty. Fuyu Persimmons are smaller, not pointy, and don’t get completely squashy-soft when ripe. Looks like this.

We have both Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons here. I get the Hachiyas because they’re bigger but still cost the same as Fuyus, and when you’re paying $2 for a piece of fruit, I consider that important. Last week, the bagger said, “I put your tomatoes on top” and I replied, “Those aren’t tomatoes.” :smiley:

Its true they’re smaller but in season I pay $1 for 2 fuyus (3 if theyre small), and I enjoy life free of persimmon-fear at least a couple bucks worth. :smiley:

That’s only the case for the Hachiyas, the Fuyus are ripe more like when other fruit is ripe.

One of my Dad’s favorite treats when I was growing up was persimmon pudding. (This is more of the British style of pudding, in that it was more of a cake than a standard pudding by the American definition.) These were always made from persimmons we got from trees in our woods.

I’ve seen persimmons in the grocery stores, but they look nothing at all like the wild persimmons I grew up with, and my Dad says they’re not at all like what he is used to having in his persimmon pudding. These days, I do some urban foraging and collect them from a local park.

If you’re in Gilroy, swing by my place. Our persimmon tree must have 100 fruit left. They’re the softball sized kind.

My persimmon tree has fruit about the size of a ping pong ball. The horses like them when they drop, but I limit their consumption and try to remove the prickly part. The dogs treed a possum up in the tree once - I think it wa sup their noshing and the dogs caught sight of it.