Where do you live - in history?

I live in:

the Roman Empire
the Byzantine Empire
the Ottoman Empire
Eastern Rumelia
and finally, just Bulgaria.

Where do you live?

Sigh, everybody else in the world will live in a much more interesting place than we. I live in Nowhere, then I think the Cherokee Nation, and then a British colony, and then the United States, and then the Confederate States of America, and then the united ones again.

Illini Indians
Miami Indians
Potawotami Indians
French Louisiana
British North America
United States

With some overlap among the foregoing, of course, since European and native American claims of sovereignty weren’t mutually exclusive.

I live in:

1 The Calusa Empire

2 The Continent of “La Florida”

3 The battleground of the Seminoles

4 The USA

5 The CSA

6 The USA again

Only historically speaking, I promise.

  1. Britannia

  2. Roman Empire

  3. Kingdom of Mercia / Danelaw

  4. Kingdom of Normandy / Kingdom of England

  5. United Kingdom

Texas, as we all learned in school, has had Six Flags…

Except that the first residents didn’t have flags. The now-extinct indigenes called the “Tejas” because of their customary greeting (which reportedly meant “Friendship”) gave the state its name.

Nueva Espana (province names varied)

La Salle planted the French flag near Matagorda Bay, which he thought was the mouth of the Mississippi. The French colony failed miserably but renewed Spanish/Mexican efforts to settle the place.

Coahuila y Tejas, Republic of Mexico

Republic of Texas

State of Texas, USA

State of Texas, CSA

State of Texas, USA (again)

Lessee if I can get this straight…

Territory of the Hurons.
Depopulated zone
territory of the Iroquois
New France (-1763)
British North America - Province of Quebec (1763-1791)
British North America - Province of Upper Canada (1791-1840)
British North America - Province of Canada (1840-1867)
Dominion of Canada - Province of Ontario (1867- 1982)
Independent Canada - Province of Ontario (1867- 1982)

Territory of the Serranos.

Spanish New World Empire.

Alta California, Mexico.

California Republic.

California Territory (under military rule), United States of America.

State of California, United Staes of America.


Territory of the Catuvellauni

The Province of Britannia

Kingdom of Maxima Caesariensis (?)

The Kingdom of Wessex (on the border with Mercia)

The Kingdom of England

Then 11 hundred years of continuity - give or take the odd change of dynasty, incorporation into Great Britain, the European Union etc.

That’s just the Roman name for the place. Although it’s necessary to name the peoples and not the nations:

Sometimes it’s necessary to name the people and not a nation. And I’m sure the first bit is incomplete and incorrect :slight_smile: :

  1. Prehistoric hunter-gathers
  2. Beaker people (perhaps)
  3. Trinobantes
  4. The Roman Empire
  5. The South Folk, of the Angles
  6. East Anglia
  7. England
  8. Great Britain
  9. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  10. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Hmm Denver is harder than I thought, I’m not exactly sure on the totality.

  1. Cheyenne and Arapahoe hunting and seasonal settlement grounds.
  2. French(even though they didn’t even exectly know they had it)
    2.a (I think the Spain may have been under the impression they would have claimed it if they knew it was there too)
  3. Lousiana Purchase(U.S.A)
  4. Kansas Territory
  5. Colorado Territory
    6 Colorado state

Historywise I live in a place that has been:

  • a number of petty kingdoms ruled by warlording chiefs
  • a number of petty kingdoms partly united after a big battle where the winning warlord finally got a haircut (about this time the area was often called nordmannaland or nordvegr)
  • royally united with Sweden
  • royally united with Denmark
  • incorporated in the Kalmar Union (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)
  • united with Denmark
  • united with Sweden
  • kingdom of Norway (although we imported a danish prince to rule as king)

As you can see we have been royally screwed the last 1000 years.

Powhatan Confederacy
Virginia Colony
Commonwealth of Virginia (USA)
Commonwealth of Virginia (CSA)
Commonwealth of Virginia (USA)

Same here. :slight_smile:

Mississippian Culture
Chickasaw Territory
Spanish Territory
British Territory
French Territory
British Territory (Treaty of Paris)
Mississippi Territory (USA)
State of Mississippi (USA)
State of Mississippi (CSA)
State of Mississippi (USA)

Until last week in Musqeuam territory-- Xwméthkwyiem. Arguably until present, depending on who you ask and the intricacies of the legal system. A lot of thingsw I don’t really understand.

Since moving house:
In a less clearly-defined coastal Salish Hun’qumi’num’ speaking-neighborhood, south of Leglequi.
South of Stamp’s Mill and Granville Town, aka Gassy Town, but I think northeast of McCleery’s Farm settlement, in British North America, Columbia District.
Incorporated City of Vancouver, Colony of British Columbia, Great Britain.
Territory of British Columbia, Great Britain.
Then Canadian Confederation.
Province. Etc. Canada.

Thank you…I didn’t feel like looking it up. :slight_smile:

A minimalist but charming studio with ravine-view and exposed beams in a reclaimed area of Olduvai Gorge.

Yokuts and Miwok Language Area

French Trappers set up a camp nearby

Rancho del Campo de Los Franceses, Alta California, Mexico

Rancho del Campo de Los Franceses, California Republic

Rancho del Campo de Los Franceses, California Territory, United States of America

Stockton, State of California, United Staes of America (The city incorporated a couple of months before statehood was official.)