Where do you play scrabble online?

It needs to be free and nice people.

am I being unreasonable?

I play on Yahoo’s literati, which is free but the nice part? Well, at least there’s an ignore feature. :smiley:

I would like to mention I suck at it, but need the mental exercize as my ass isn’t getting any lately. :slight_smile:

My husband and I play Literati with friends on Yahoo every now and then. We haven’t played in a few months though. (He’s lost in WoW.)

We usually just fill a room, so we know everyone and pretty much don’t have to deal with the jerks. We always have a good time.

Holy moley is Literati addictive.

I’m ShirleyUjest1066, FYI, in case anyone wants to kick my butt there.

Internet Scrabble Club. www.isc.ro

Without a doubt, the best site for on-line Scrabble. I’m opus there.

My only problem with Yahoo’s Literati is that the letter distribution is different and seems to be, at best, random. I’ve had games that ended up with three Js and two Xs and no Z at all on the board. It’s a little frustrating when you never know what letters are out there!