My best Scrabble game ever

My dad and I play online Scrabble from time to time. He usually does a bit better than me. Last game, I was up by 60+ with an empty bag, and he bingoed to win. So this game I got my revenge. I bingoed four times (AILERONS, POSITIONS, LEGATION and DEFAMES). Also note that we ended up with an 11-letter word on the board!

Well done! I play scrabs every Thursday night with 3 girlfriends, and have actually posted here bemoaning the fact that they won’t make a word without reading the entire scrab dictionary. I can’t be bothered, and tend to wing it. By the way, we play on the super scrabble board, and we ‘recycle the blanks’. That guarantees lots of 7 letter words. My personal bests have been pussycat, kneebone and duplexed (for which I received an enormous amount of points for). As for online - hmmmmm, might have to find a friend!

I didn’t know there was an actual scrabble place on line. I’ve putz about in Literati over at Yahoo, but this is cool.

Way to go on your pointage. I applaud you!

Is Literati different from Scrabble in any way other than name?

It is pretty identical, but it has been years since I’ve played scrabble and about 2 years since I’ve putz about on Literati.

It is probably the difference between Coke and Pepsi.
I just signed up for Scrabbluous ( same name here) and will stick my toe into the waters.

My best Scrabble word ever was “squinter” laid over two triple word boxes, which got me over 200 points.


Literati is the free Yahoo Games Scrabble derivative. It’s the same basic game, but with enough differences that it doesn’t really feel the same (different board layout, different letter distributions, different point values).
Scrabulous is a bit buggy at times, but seems to work very well overall, and is free. Of course, all I’ve ever done on it is play against my dad… I’ve never tried to go find other opponents.

You can also play for free at I play there under the nick of biscut. I’ll take any of yas on! ANY of ya!

Best word ever was BARoQUES, Triple Triple with the Q on a double letter - 302 points.

I play there too! It’s a great way to kill some time. When I get home, I’ll have to check some of my game captues to see what my highest scoring play was…

This was the best game my wife and I ever played. We are 100% amateur and were just impressed we used every tile and filled the board.

Yes, we took a photo. Yes, we’re huge geeks.

100% Finish Scrabble

That’s it! I was trying to think of the word my friend played for a triple triple. Your initials aren’t NC are they?

Same here. I play with two older men who are very d e l i b e r a t e about their play and often get sidetracked on some political discussion. And then they resent it when I pull out a crossword puzzle to work on while they putter. The aforementioned NC, a younger kid, is the one who pages through the dictionary for 15 minutes before finally playing.

He looks at the dictionary before playing? WTF is the point of that?

House rules allow it. It was to make the youngest more interested in learning words rather than being stumped (he’s not into reading or school, really). But others take advantage of it. I generally just play but occasionally will consult to confirm a word. [ETA: Oh, and we also have copies of the two-letter words on separate flyers. You’d think this would all make the games move along, but then you’d be surprised.]

IOW, we don’t play the kind where you challenge each other’s words.

I once got three bingoes in a row in the same game. OK me and my wife “cheat” by playing nine tiles, but it is still pretty impressive if you ask me.

Curse you.
I am now addicted to scrabulous and have lost every freakin’ match to the robots.

bingos in a row:

bingo, bango, bongo, and unofficially, irving

I play at a private site that is invite only.It is turned based,so some of my games take several days(or weeks) to finish, others take a few hours, depending on who you are playing.The site is full at the moment,but I could get some of you in if you have an interest,might take awhile though…message me if ya want to give it a go.

And nobody cheats?