Where do you sleep?!

As a matter of observation, I think that men (when sharing a bed) tend to sleep on the West side of the bed (If pillows are North, and foot of bed South). I haven’t tested this theory too much, so here is a good place to start.

  1. are you male or female?
  2. do you sleep on the east or west side?

Maybe it is just an Oregon thing, but my Dad, Step-Dad, best friends’s dads, and a couple of others that I polled all admitted to being west-side sleepers.


Hello this is the general questions area. We answer questions here. For polling you want In My Humble Opioion, down the hall and to the left.

That being said my Bed runs east/west so it would be rather difficult for me to sleep on the East side. I’m a south man myself

Great question for IMHO.

Until it gets shipped over there, I’ll ask whether you are looking down at the bed like a map or lying in it looking up. That would determine which side is east or west.

An ex, with whom I lived for about three years once admitted that her preference for “sides” in our bed was based on the logic that if I was closer to the door, any axe weilding maniacs etc that ambled in during the night would chop me up first, giving her a chance to leg it to safety. :eek:

That put me on the east side, assuming you were looking down on the bed marked onto a map, but I didn’t get much choice in the matter.


i’m always to the right of the wife (lying flat on backs looking up). that just happens to be west in our happy home.

What happens when two women or two men share a north-south bed? Is it like the back-buttered cat problem all over again?

Off to IMHO

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Doesn’t matter which way the bed is aligned, I sleep on the right side.

I sleep on whichever side of the bed is closest to the bathroom.

Always on the left (which is North at home)

I usually sleep on the left side, but that’s because I sleep days and alone. On the weekends when I share the bed with my wife I’m almost always on the right side.

I sleep on the right hand side, which is currently the western side also. But I’m always on the right, no matter which direction the bed is facing.

We don’t have a bed, we sleep on the floor (by choice, not economic necessity). About 60% of the time I sleep to my wifes left. If I am going to be up reading for a while, we sleep with our heads to the wall (so I can sit up against it), but otherwise it is pretty random. The blanket we sleep on is big enough to handle any compass direction of sleeping and we pretty much use them all at whim.

In my first marriage, though, we had a bed. Before we were married I slept on the east side at her place (and the side away from the door). Once we were married and moved in together, I slept on the west side (the side closest to the door).

Whatever the rule turns out to be, it looks like I will be an exception.

Oh, and the last time I lived alone (when I was in Hawaii) I generally slept on my lanai (on a blanket because I quickly learned it is uncomfortable to sleep on astroturf), which was about three feet wide. So I would say that I slept on both sides, and the lanai was on the east side of the building. My head pointed south, generally.

Male, married

I have slept on both right and left sides of the bed. Currently the pillows are on the North end, and I am on the left, so that puts me on the West.

I the previous place we lived, pillows were South and I was on the right - West again!!

Before that, but in the southern hemishpere, Pillows were West, and I was on the right, so that was North…


Usually the side closest to the bedroom exit. So, currently, right side of bed.

I switch.

{Austrian Accent}
I sleep on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies
{/Austrian Accent}

I sleep in a drawer!

I’m with Screech, (figuratively that is, I’m not literally with her, not that there’s anything wrong with that, just the opposite. I’m sure that any guy that is lucky enought to…excuse me, I need to shut up now and go over here.)

I sleep closest to the door also, currently North.

BTW, welcome to the boards Casey. Where in Oregon are you?