Share a bed? Which side do you sleep on?

Pretty much like it says. I’m looking to see if there’s a gender preference for which side to sleep on.

I always sleep on the right side of the bed when I’m alone, but I always ended up on the left side whenever my girlfriend slept over. So I guess her preference trumped mine?

I’ve slept on the left side of the bed for the entire 25 years of our relationship. Now, even though my hubby’s job is out of town and he’s gone most nights, I still sleep on the left side of the bed (though admittedly, when he’s gone, I ‘steal’ his pillows, and use his side of the bed for my book, my box of tissues, etc.)

Is that from my POV when I am laying in the bed, or when I am standing at the foot of the bed looking down at it? If the former, the left. If the latter, then the right.

right/left from which aspect?

as it says in the poll: Assume lying on your back to determine which side

I sleep nearest the door. If she wants that side, I tend not to be able to get to sleep. Doesn’t matter whether it’s right or left.

In the main bedroom, Mr. S lies to my left if I am on my back.

However, we used to have several choices of where to sleep, depending on comfort and mood. Sometimes we fold down one of the futons in the living room, say if one of us is sick and we want to be closer to the bathroom, or maybe one of the dogs isn’t feeling well and it’s easier to keep her downstairs. We also occasionally slept in what is now the guest room, but we don’t sleep in there any more.

A while back I analyzed my preferred side in each location, and discovered that it was always the NORTH side, and not necessarily either right or left. (I bet that’ll do a number on your stats.) In general, I’ll take whichever side has the best light and place to put my glasses. Mr. S tends to doze off right away, whereas I like to read for a bit.

When the kids were little, I slept on the side closest to the door (as I was always the one responding to the kids during the night). The side would change if I rearranged the furniture; the side might change, but I was always closest to the door.

Since the divorce, I sleep on the side closest to the alarm clock and light. Again, it’s a function of the furniture arrangement, not necessarily gender.

Left, with random flailing and stealing all the covers. If alone, I take the whole bed. Also 20% of the time use a Siamese cat for a pillow.

I always sleep on the Right side of the bed, which is coincidentally the side closest to the doors in my parents house and my apt. I also live alone but have a queensized bed, so I figure I’m a valid questionee.
Though if the bed is up against a wall. I have a preference for sleeping in the crack between the wall and bed. But I haven’t gotten to do that since i was like 10.

My question would be if being right or left handed has any bearing on which side if the bed you prefer. I’m left handed and I always prefer to sleep on the left side of the bed. Most of my bed-partners have been right handed and didn’t mind the right (I didn’t ask if they had a preference) The one left handed partner I had wanted the left…which was a real shame!

Hmmm. Interesting. Hubby and I are both nominally right-handed, by which I mean we write with our right hands, but can use our left hands for just about everything, including writing, if needs be. But we’ve just always had the arrangement we have now.

Lying on my back!? Isn’t the side of the bed normally judged from the POV of facing the bed from the foot. Like, two people check into their hotel room, walking in, stand at the foot of the bed and say, “I’ll take this side, the left”. Your way in this scenario is needlessly abstract, and would lead to comic confusion.

“I’ll take the left. Hey! I said I have the left!”

“Yes. But if I mentally project myself onto the bed, face up, this is the right.”

“You’re the craziest prostitute ever.”

I’m in the “nearest the door” category. So it was on the left up till the summer when we had a new second floor built. Now I sleep on the right. I miss the left a bit though…

My boyfriend always sleeps near the door. At home this means I’m on the right, but we’ve slept in hotel rooms where it’s the opposite, and he automatically ends up taking the side nearest the exit. He jokes that it’s because in the event of a fire, he doesn’t want to have to clamber over my body in order to get out of the house. :eek:

Sometimes Tikva snuggles next to me, and sometimes she sleeps on my torso…

Oh, you meant sharing beds with humans.

The question doesn’t apply to me, but I’ve always just KNOWN that the default situation is the man on the left, woman on the right. After all, that’s the setup for my parents, for the parents on The Brady Bunch, and Homer & Marge. (Although Homer slept on the right side in very early episodes.)
ETA: looks like I failed to read the question properly. Just reverse everything I said.

I sleep on the side that’s closest to the bathroom, since invariably I will get up at least once during the night.

I’m a chick, FWIW.

More importantly, I sleep like an exclamation point. I have to. She sleeps like a comma and consumes more lateral space.