Where does "FUUUUUUU" come from?

Been seeing the “FUUUUUUUU” meme on the internet for a while now. Google “FUUUUU” (I forget how many U’s, doesn’t really matter) and you get this. The original cartoon is just a poorly sketched angry face in the middle of uttering a slow, loud “FFFFFUUUUUCK!”, but people have been putting it to hilarious effect by using it as the punchline in various comic situations; Tetris in particular leaves me in stitches.

So…anyone know where/when this image first appeared?

Dunno about the image but here’s fuuuuuudge.

The problem with internet memes is the first couple times they’re used nobody notices… Then for some reason, they get popular, and then nobody can remember where they came from.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, a very NSFW site, has an article on “rage” and talks about the meme somewhat. Seems it started on 4chan (like just about ever other meme) and the original cartoon is there and has to do with a toilet. See here: ww w.encyclopediadramatica.com/Rage

This is almost certainly of 4chan origin

A helpful tool for the future.


Loved this one.

I believe it started on 4chan. If it’s a popular meme, chances are it started on 4chan or Fark.

Very possibly true, but where they start is different from what starts them.

If the meme has a graphic element, chances are it derives from a game. If it’s a one-liner of some kind, it usually came from television. (Only animated series tv, natch.)

Very few memes that actually derive from user-generated content amount to anything more than typos or quirks of usage. Of those, almost none make it out of the forum where they started.

I’ll leave the implication that there is a hegemony of memes, or that originality is ultimately futile on web 2.0, to people with larger e-penii than mine. (I’d still be struggling with HTML 4 if it were still good for anything.)

So what you’re saying is, your Googlefuuuuu is weak?

This one made me spit out my drink the first time I saw it.

Bwahahaha. You’re my favorite person tonight for sharing that.

Just stumbled upon this collection of them. Enjoy.