Where does the US army get it's gasoline?

I’ve just read that tanks and such use a horrendous amount of gas. Where does the US army, navy, air force, CIA, FBI or other governmental agencies and departments get their gas? I’m sure they don’t pay $1.80 at the pump. Do they get their gas from US sources or from OPEC? Please don’t anyone tell me they pay $40 per gallon for premium unlead.

For that matter, where do our local and state agencies get their gas and what do they pay? TIA.

For the USAF, we have a contract with some refining company. Who it is, I dunno. But they truck it in and the Supply Sqn takes care of it. Same for JP-4 and JP-8 (jet fuels).

I’d figure that if the supply trains couldn’t keep up with the forward tank platoons, the tanks would gas up wherever they could find a civilian station.

“Fill it up, or I’ll level your station . . .”

IIRC, Abrams have a selection switch to run off of Diesel, regular unleaded gasoline, kerosene, JP-4 or 8, orange juice, and a variety of other fuels. If one don’t work, the other will . . .
Wow. 2 military questions in one day. Sheesh . . .

They buy it under big, juicy bulk contracts from American oil companies – Texaco, Exxon, etc., whoever wins the bid (and they do arrange it so that everyone gets some share of the business).

Once the oil is processed into gasoline and diesel fuel, it may just as well have come from American, OPEC, Mexican or European raw petroleum – it’s up to the oil company to deliver the order at the agreed price.

One smallish State agency for which I worked had a contract with Exxon. Drivers would carry a Fleet Credit Card to fill up at Exxon stations, at the end of the month Exxon would charge at a discount off the street price.

A military service probably has the oil co. pump the order via pipeline or on a tanker ship straight from the refinery to the storage depot.