Where does your city rank?

Evidently where I live rocks! According to this survey http://across.co.nz/qualityofliving.htm if you live in Vancouver, Zurich, Bern or Vienna then you are a lucky bugger because they really really rock.Each of these cities scored 106 ponts or first equal place for quality of living. In equal 2nd place were Sydney, Geneva, Copenhagen and Auckland.

I know I feel so much better knowing that. Now go comfort yourself and find out if where you live is good or not. :wink:

Don’t ya just love “surveys”
Oh and it appears Sadam just ain’t fronting up with quality of life for those who live in Bagdad…bet that surprises you! :rolleyes:

Let’s see, second-best city in America, second only to friggin’ Hawaii? I knew that.

Well, I was born and raised in a city that consistently ranks in the top ten most liveable cities in America quite frequently. It’s taken the number one spot several times. Now I could just say, “Of course, I knew that ll along,” …

Each survey has its own biases, and there’s the rub. Assumptions are made that everyone will rate cities the same way. Strange that the top two USA entries are probably the most expensive cities in America to live. I guess you must have money to enjoy a high quality of living, according to the survey. Not in my experience, although it helps. If anything, these kinds of surveys allow individuals the ease of ranking cities as they see fit. Instead of searching on your own, the surveys gather the information you need, and you rate them accordingly, based on your needs and requirements.

Oh, yeah. My hometown is not even ranked in this survery among the American cities listed. Since it consistently ranks above every American city listed in other surveys, I give this one as much creedence as I often do with city surveys of this type.

Toronto won over Montreal?

We know this survey is flawed. :wink:

Madison, Wisconson Top Ten Lists

rated 5th for Campus Scenes That Rock (Rolling Stones)
ranked #1 for Small-Sized Cities in the Creativity Ranking (Washington Monthly)
ranked “the most wired,” city for local business and local government. (The Media Audit)
#1 city for women among cities with populations under 300,000 (Ladies Home Journal)
ranked second in the top 20 best Places to Live & Work in America (Employment Review)
rated #2 Best Small City (MSN House & Home)
voted #6 of Top Ten cities for families (Child Magzine)
Runner-up for top retirement site in the U.S. (Money Magazine)
One of 10 top canoe towns in the U.S (Shape Magazine)
ranked #6 for Most Mannerly City (etiquette expert Marjabella Young Stewart)
One of the Top 10 Cities to Have It All (A&E Network)
America’s #2 Most Kid-Friendly City (Zero Population Growth)
ranked #2 (of 25) for Great Towns of Raising an Outdoor Family (Outdoor Explorer Magazine)
ranked #3 for City Business Owners (Business Development Outlook Magazine)
UW-Madison ranked #10 University for Women Athletes (Sports Illustrated)
rated #6 in the top 100 values in State Universities. (Kiplinger’s Magazine)
#1 best mid-sized city to live in America. (Money Magazine)
ranked #9 Disability Friendly City (New Mobility)

Links to most of these and a boatload more
here listed under “Madison Articles”

Beat that!

Honolulu always makes me laugh in these lists. They makes me think of our major negative listed several years ago in one of those Best Place to Live as having “monotonous weather.”

Of course we do have other pretty big negatives but it sure is a nice placeto grow up.

yay new york city! it got a 100.

i spend as much time there as in my state, so i count it as my home.

Cleveland with a 98. I wonder what Tsukuba has that Cleveland lacks.

Hey, five Australian cities in the top 26. :cool:

I’m in Perth – 103.5 points. Despite the smallish population (1.3 million), my city seems rates consistently in the top 20 of these surveys.

Not that that’s any surprise to me. :wink:

Good lord.

Brisbane and Paris on the same level. That’s just so wrong.

Tokyo - 102.5, best in Asia. :cool:

An extra 6000 miles between it and Indiana. :wink:

I’m pleased to see Hawaii at the top, but more pleased that this time, it’s at the top of a survey where being at the top is a good thing.

The funny thing about Melbourne and Honolulu being tied is that they are so similar. I mean if you had a superhero rip them out of the ground and switch we’d all go ‘Eh’ and right back to what we were doing before.

Well, New York City was defined as 100, everyone else is getting compared to it.

Amsterdam didn’t do too badly, coming in at place 10. I do notice a lot of these “high quality of living” cities are boring as all hell, though. I mean, have you ever been to Bern or Zurich? Yikes.

The bottom of the list is interesting, too. Lots of African and Middle-Eastern cities, not surpisingly. But then this: near the bottom of the list, Belgrade, with 39 points. Look, I know there’s been a war and all that, but is it really “Baghdad-bad”? Sure, “political instability” is a factor, but that’s a tad off, IMHO.

Well, it didn’t make the list but I think well of Hillsboro (pop 96), VA.

And no one can talk me out of it.

We don’t rank.

Phila, PA. USA

This list seems weird and wrong. Well, except that my hometown, San Francisco, scored highly. But Detroit got a 96? What is this, Bizarro Detroit? There are half a dozen cities that scored lower that I personally would prefer to live in.

Sure you do. Philly ranks number 1 for drunken sports fan antics.

I’m from Calgary and they come in with a respectible 101.5. Dallas, where I currently live, doesn’t seem to be on the list - must be a typo or an oversight.

Havre doesn’t rank. Anywhere. Ever.

We’re comfortable in our anonymity. :smiley:

Who in their right mind would rate Frankfurt as high as Munich? Just asking. Maybe it’s all the banks. If you enjoy that…