Where has this show been all my life? Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

I was flipping channels the other night and came across something that turned out to be Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Freaking hilarious! And it game me a nostalgic feeling, like watching early seasons of Mystery Science Theater and my favorite 1970s and 80s reruns.

How come I’ve never heard of this before?

Now I can’t even remember what channel it was on.

BBC America, perhaps? It was on Channel 4 over here but I think they show generally British shows over there on BBCA rather than just the BBC’s stuff.

It is excellent.

It’s a British import…you were watching Cartoon Network…specifically their Adult Swim lineup.

Good timing on you discovering this, the episode they showed on Sunday night/Monday morning was the first episode. Unless they change the schedule you should be able to see the other 5 episodes in the coming weeks.

It made me realize that profanity is funnier when its bleeped rather than just cut out and replaced with nothing.

No, I don’t have B.B.C. America.