Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

How the hell did I miss this show? Oh, I know, Adult Swim was too busy advertising Squidbillies or Tim and Eric Are Untalented Hacks. Watching this for the first time, and I love the hell out of it.

It just feels like a perfect send up of shitty 80’s soap operas with supernatural overtones. Too bad it’s only six episodes.

“Blood. Blood. Bright, copper-smelling blood. Blood. Blood. And bits of sick.”

It’s a hilarious show. Have you watched the Australian series Danger Five? It has some of the same crazy parody appeal (a '60s type show for the first series and an '80s type show for the second series).

I think this should probably be the name of an official VOD channel, at least.

Oh yes, both seasons. The recurring gag of Hitler escaping by diving through a window is a running reference for my circle of friends.

It really should. I’d love to see a little compacting of the fracturing streaming on demand market to go along with that… there are so many options, it’s hard to know what’s available sometimes. Roku’s built-in search is decent, but not comprehensive, and every website that tries to index streaming offerings seems pretty underwhelming.

Even sadder–if US ratings had been better they were going to make new episodes.

Have you sought out Man to Man with Dean Lerner then?

Darkplace is amazing. I assume you are now watching it due to the MST3K reference :slight_smile:

That is what finally pushed me to seek it out. I’d tried to find it once about six months ago, after browsing Richard Ayoade’s Wikipedia entry, but I gave up. The MST3K riff bumped it up to ‘must-find’.

Haven’t looked for Man to Man, but I was pleased to see that Youtube has some of the supplemental features from the Darkplace DVD set as well!