Where Have I Heard This Song Before?

Behind the Waterfall by David Lanz. (Picks up at about 0:34)

I swear I’ve heard that song in some context other than on Spa 73 (the New Age channel) on Sirius. A commercial perhaps? Background music at a Walt Disney World attraction?

Does it sound familiar to anyone else?

According to the comments on that page…

"Back in 1987-88, this song was played regularly on 94.7 THE WAVE in Southern California. Around the same time, I saw David Lanz in concert twice and he performed this piece solo on the piano in a medley with “Desert Rain”. It was great. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. This is still great music 20-plus years later. "

So, if you were old enough to be listening to the wave in the 80’s, that’d be the place. From the sound of it, it was probably fairly popular as dentist office music.

If not… no idea.