Where have you gone Cecil Adams? Our nation turns its Covid-19 eyes to you.

Look. Stuff is happening. Things are getting strange.

People have questions. The Straight Dope is needed now more than ever.

Forget the ownership/retirement thing. Time to do what you do best. Debunk, inform, amuse.

For example: I want to know if Covid-19 is going to make the Fatberg Apocalypse more or less likely? :wink:

I miss Cecil, too. This is what happens when leadership downsizes and then there’s an emergency!

I want Cecil. I’ve been hunting/begging shamelessly for him for weeks.
And, there’s no reason to think he doesn’t want to know me. :smiley:
Who wouldn’t?

Unca Cece~give a pitiful sick, just released from the hospital, sans Pancho and laying in a bed woman, a little thrill. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.
(Also I friended you and haven’t had a response :()

Cecil’s not here, man.

What’s that you say, lil’ Ed Zottie?

I’m of the belief Cecil is lurking. You just can’t turn off a big brain like that easily.
I’m here Cecil Adams. I’m here. :slight_smile:

Zotti was fired and not replaced. There isn’t a Cecil anymore and Zotti hasn’t logged in here in years.

Fired? I thought Li’l Ed retired.

I thought he went out for coffee. (:))

You are mistaken.

I remember a post from no more than two years ago, but I’m not sure how to find it or if I’m even remembering correctly. My first thought was to find a post of his and check the “find all posts by” function, but I haven’t been able to find any of his posts. Someone else?

It would be interesting to determine when anyone’s last contact with him was. It’s occurred to me that he may be dying.

His last post was in July of 2018 so it was more recent than I thought. I’m not sure why you think he’s dying. That’s quite a leap.


Nah. Cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Yes, of course it is. Just a feeling I sometimes get (when I look to the West), and I’m wrong more often than not.

Thanks for digging that up.

He went to a nice farm upstate, where he can chase rabbits all day.

This is Chicago, IL we’re talking about. There’s virtually no “upstate” there. The correct term would be “downstate”. Rabbits are still the object of chases, of course.

What part of “The Teeming Millions” are the owners not interested in clicks from?

“Upstate” means Wisconsin, then. He’s roaming freely on my farm, chasing rabbits, deer, wild turkeys, pheasants, and fighting with coyotes.

If Cecil is roaming Wisconsin on the Qads land he can slip in the house and post.
I know he wants to. I mean how much frolicking fun can one huge ‘Brain’ with a body have.
Perfect Master that he is, and all, he must want to know me. I’m irresistible (:))

If it’s a different state, then shouldn’t that be up … country ??? :wink:

But, kidding aside. I’m am serious that Cecil should be brought back with the Straight Dope on the current situation. Forget what happened and why. Just make it so.

Who is going to pay Ed to start playing Cecil again? He’s certainly not going to do it as volunteer work and, especially these days, no media company is going to lose money by hiring a columnist.