Where have you gone, Jack Dean Tyler?

Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Woo woo woo.

So I was doing a search, in the course of discussion in a thread about circumcision reversal, and it turns out all his amazing posts are gone. OMGWTFBBQ?!!!11! Seriously, what’s the deal? Where are my favorite loony’s greatest achievements? It’s like all his accomplishments have been erased.


I thik JDT’s threads were snipped along with the rest of the '99 threads.

I’m pretty sure the Reader has been in touch with Ron Popeil and you can expect a late nite pop-up advertising “The best of SDMB hits” any day now. *

*This is a joke, son! I say a joke.

[sub]samclem, who has a ‘chop-o-matic’ at home that my father bought before Ron came up with the ‘veg-o-matic’[/sub]

Oh, man! :frowning: The descriptions of slurping foreskins and women playing dead are lost forever.

Well, we’ll always have the Tug Ahoy.

Why didn’t you title the thread, “Ahoy, JDT!”

I can’t seem to find anything from 2000 or earlier. Is all that stuff just . . . gone?

Legend has it if you say Jack Dean Tyler’s name three times in a row in a cemetary at midnight, he shall return…WITH HIS FORESKIN!

But were his threads less sensitive after they were snipped??

Barring technical glitches, those threads have been archived to a place whence they may return someday when servers and RAID arrays come down to a reasonable price. (No. I have no idea what reasonable might mean.) They have not been destroyed.

Oh my bleedin’ eyes. Did you HAVE to link to that site? :eek:

And why oh why did I click on the links to before and after photos?!? :smack:

Just as a point of factual correction (assuming I correctly interpreted your post), JDT came along in 2000. If memory serves, he was banned in December 2000.