Where is Gilligan's Island located?

Wait a minute, what if it was a clear-channel AM station? (No, I don’t think there were any in Hawaii, but it’s TV) IIRC, at night KMOX in St Louis could be picked up by 9/10 of the continental US.

Didn’t the surfer dude ride a wave from what he called a Hawaiian Tsunami?

Hmmm. 140 deg. latitude. It’s…in…spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

If it was Clear-Channel, wouldn’t they have picked up Rush Limbaugh? :smiley:

Well, they don’t consistently pick up Hawaiian stations on their radio, either. It may be that those episodes when we see it happen are just those times when the conditions happened to be right.

No kidding:rolleyes:
I think that’s the entire reason why it was said to be there.

If I recall, on one of the “rescue from Gilligans Island” shows from the late 70’s those were the coordinates given as to it’s location.

Sorry, I did mean for the little AM radio that they had on the Island. So yes for 50,000 watt AM stations, I believe the max range is around 450 miles. Except under occasional atmospheric conditions.

I thought the radio had a fairly consistant if distant signal. However, Chronos seems to remember facts about the show, I do not. I am far from an expert on Gilligan’s Island so I bow to his knowledge.

Does anyone recall if in one episode, Gilligan picked up radio with his mouth?
I have some dim recollection of this happening.
Anyone know what the most powerful AM station on Hawaii was in the mid-sixties?


I’d like to see that episode.

He had a midget submarine. It might not have been the island on which he was originally stationed.

The last time I flew Oceanic Air from Sydney to LA, the pilot made an announcement as we flew over it. Man, that was one of the longest, strangest flights I’ve ever been on. :dubious:

Hawaii is the likely location, because the opening of the early espisodes showed an American Flag in the background (which was flying at half mast in honor of JFK.)

That was the Partridge Family. Susan’s braces were picking up radio signals.

The pilot episode was filmed on location in Hawaii. The series was filmed at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California.

Actually it was a gilligan’s Episode: Gilligan’s Island: Hi-Fi Gilligan (1965)


Actually, it was an episode of I Love Lucy. No, wait, it was something Lucy claimed actually happened to her.

I hate the way, in the last episode, Gilligan finally escapes from the island by bus, and turns up in downtown London. And whe he pulls the mask off #1, there’s a gorilla underneath, and when he pulls that mask off, it’s really himself, Patrick McGoohan.
That just made no sense.

I understand that Gilligan’s Island was actually filmed at Portmeiron in Wales.

Where would he get fuel for the sub, if not from a hidden fuel dump on the island?

You’re thinking of the episode of Sapphire and Steel when TC and Rick got trapped in the warehouse, and Magnum had to rescue them.