Where is that Silicone breast thread?


But maybe you should just let it die a quiet death…


But why?

Why can’t women talk about their implants here? What’s so shameful about it?

A record 220,000 American women chose to undergo breast augmentation last year, and the industry projects an almost 10 percent increase this year. I don’t supposed every single one of them are happy as hell, right?

Who has a dirtier mind? The one who talks about it, or the one who bans it?

Joy, self-esteem, confidence, regrets, what have you? Ladies, (Ladies only) this is your chance.

I am listening.

If they’d wanted to talk about it, they would. Starting a second thread on the exact same topic within a very short time period of the last thread you started is not generally looked well upon by the moderators.

It’s not being banned. Quite simply, there seems to be no interest in talking about it. Many a thread on any given topic will meet this fate, and generally it’s best to accept that and move on, reading and participating in other threads.

And by the way, your manner of phrasing may be leading many women to believe that your interests are less than noble.

I was the last person to post on that thread, and it summed it up perfectly. Polar said verybdog was in need of masturbation material, verybdog responded oh so eloquently “Hey, Polar, if you have nothing to say about the topic, shut up.” This was met with :rolleyes:

Yes they would, wouldn’t they? But when there were a couple of Christian scientists here accusing the thread as ‘materials of masturbation’ and ‘less than noble’, who would want to talk about their experience, being positive or negative?

Eloquently put, please stop lecturing people like a high moral republican. Think Trent Lott, as a hint.

Nice non-sequitur, and totally ignoring the fact that people talk about much more prurient topics here all the time. No one was interested in this topic, or they would have posted. If you’ve lurked for any length of time you’d have noticed that most folks aren’t afraid to express opinions on anything relating to any bodily function, regardless of the viewpoint of others - the numerous long “TMI” threads, for instance. Someone discussed performing analingus on a golden retriever, for heaven’s sake - don’t go casting around accusations of prudishness or whatever else.

If anything, I would have thought that a woman asking about this if she was thinking about the procedure would have received more of a response (assuming there are enough women here who’ve had it done and see the thread), compared to a few “women - tell me about your silicone breasts! please!” posts.

One might also want to remember when composing posts that the administrators have encouraged the “lifting of the board’s tone”.

Mods, could you please move this thread to the Pit? I’d like to say a few things to verybdog that cannot be said here.

Despite the facts that verybdog’s original post was in the wrong forum and he/she is a relative newbian to the forums, I don’t see what the big deal is about the question. It’s fine if no one cares to answer, but perhaps all the ridicule these twin threads have received is instilling inhibitions in those who might normally reply.

For those who purport to know the motivations behind the asking of a question…get over yourselves. I want to know how women like their implants because I have an ex-girlfriend who is considering the operation and would like to gather as many cogent opinions as possible to helpfully advise her. Am I telling the truth, or do I really just get off on women talking about their breasts?

I’m a little disappointed in the veteran Dopers who have chosen to gang up on this newbie over a rather innocuous thread.

Finally some voice of common sense.

Why this thread needs to be moved to the Pit?

If “most folks aren’t afraid to express opinions on anything relating to any bodily function, regardless of the viewpoint of others”, then what’s your point?

And what’s that “a few things to verybdog that cannot be said here”? George Carlin’s seven heavy dirty words?

This thread is being moved to the BBQ Pit because you wish to gripe about a thread, and others wish to gripe about you.

There aren’t any words that you can’t use, though you might well have to defend your use of some. People just don’t feel like talking about their breast implants(my guess is not many dopers have them), so you’re not getting much interest in your threads. Perhaps you can find message boards that exist for that purpose, so you can learn from them instead.

Few questions:

  1. Christian scientists: Now if I remember correctly, which would be a first, aren’t they against technology and as such wouldn’t own a computer?

  2. If you want to talk about breast implants, then why aren’t you? Why are you waiting for other posters to talk?

  3. Are you a woman? Are you thinking about getting implants? Do you have implants and you wish to expound the glorious/tragic nature of them?

  4. Not really a question, but come on, you need to give us a little more to work with if you want to discuss implants.

I agree with elfkin. You will find on this board that very little is taboo. This can be very, very, nausiating at times. I mean, for godsake there is more than one thread devoted to bowel movements!

That in and of itself should tell you that this MB isn’t only for the faint of heart.

I’ve had four or five people agree with me about various things on the boards in the past week or so. I think there must be something wrong with the universe… :smiley:

I don’t think Christian Science has a specific anti technology bias, they simply feel that medicine is a denial of the spiritual healing that their faith calls upon them to practice. Televisions and such are not related to that.

I doubt that Christian Scientists would be much in favor of breast implants, though.


“Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.” ~ Anonymous ~

The Lord said we should travel to the land of milk and honey. I can’t imagine He would object to expanding the borders a bit.

When moderators moving threads around, is it done by his/her mood of the day or is it done by stated rules?

What rule has been applied when this thread being moved?


From the description on the Forum main page:

The BBQ Pit
If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB

Czarcasm’s reasoning when he moved the thread pretty much seems to say it all.

Also from theFAQ