Where might Trump go?

Here’s a list of countries that don’t have an extradition treaty with the US. Most of those countries are insufficiently white/rich to please Trump.

Russia doesn’t extradite, but has no Trump property, and I can’t imagine he’d feel terribly safe what with all the Novichok nerve agent floating around.

Dubai is another possibility. UAE doesn’t have an extradition treaty. It’s more Muslim than he’d probably prefer, but it’s a stable, wealthy international city. There is a Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. The Trump admin has done a lot of grifting diplomacy with the Gulf states, so it seems like he’s prepared to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

So, if he does a run for the border, right now I’d see Dubai as a front-runner.

I’d pay to see Trump literally, actually, run for the border.

Now here is something we can agree upon and I believe this the best case scenario for him as well.

This would suit Trump because Jared has been preparing things in the middle east politically for him for several years now. That and he is all for chopping up his opponents into little pieces taking them away in diplomatic pouches, just his style. He has bent over backwards to befriend them and now is the time to call in his markers. Although not Muslim he is not Christian either and could easily find an acceptable bubble to exist and operate in over there (his property).

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How would giving sanctuary to an international pariah jibe with…

I feel a corrupt petro-state has plenty of experience accommodating wealthy pariahs. Of course, the wealth factor is a big wild-card for now.

I don’t think there’s there’s any way Trump can maintain the appearance of wealth after office without doing some seriously illegal shit, stuff that would necessitate leaving the country.

Trump’s options for maintaining even a façade of wealth are looking pretty poor. Maybe Ivanka—who at least has a legitimately profitable line of tacky womenswear—can help him out, but she and Jared have their own problems to worry about.

These people are making Oliver North and Bob McFarlane look like pros at international finance and running below-the-line illegal business dealings.


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Standing still he looks like a Tyrannosaur holding a burning briefcase. I’d pay to see the orange shitstain try to run.

The OP wasn’t specifically about Trump leaving the US. Just like everybody else, the guy gotta sleep somewhere. Assuming he’s not a guest of the federal bureau of prisons or some similar state agency, where might that be?

I for one can suggest a large number of freeway overpasses he might enjoy sleeping under after the truth of his non-wealth finishes coming out.

All 12 of them?

we would have to invent a new word for that – “shamblope”, perhaps

Assuming he gets to keep his Secret Service protection after his impeachment trial, he can continue to boost his income by staying exclusively at his own properties and charging the government for their use of the property. I suspect he may declare Mar-A-Lago his residence, but try to just continuously travel from one property to the next, and have big rally/fundraisers continuously in places where he can draw big enough crowds.

I agree that if he moves outside the US, Dubai is a good guess.

There’s a spider hole in Iraq that’s been vacant since 2003.

Could Florida deny extradition to New York or any other state on non-federal charges? He does seem to have the Governor in his pocket and will likely pardon himself and family.

When the Deutsche Bank loans come due, he might not have properties.

Technically yes but it’s usually pro forma.

Puerto Rico v Branstad lays out the few instances where one state can deny extradition to another. It’s not much.

If Trump were to get a custodial sentence I think it would likely be house arrest.

Isn’t the UAE were Saddam Hussein’s widow and daughters live?

He won’t have any power over the Secret Service outside of his own detail; couldn’t the agency just refuse to pay above whatever the government rate is for hotels?

I know it’s the home of Mohammed Saeed “Baghdad Bob” al-Sahhaf, so if Don were to need a press spokesman… (yo, but just be sure to collect your fee in advance, in cash, Mohammed)

Saw a bumpersticker the other day, “Hi, I’m back. Hell didn’t want me.”