Where the F*** did “cum” come from?

Who is the ignoramus who decided to spell “come” as “cum” when referring to semen. If I am not mistaken, the derivation of this would be related to the verb “come” as in to come to an orgasm. The male result of doing so would then also be “come”. So how did this morph to “cum”? Some mentally challenged graffiti artist is my guess.

So, Dopers, let’s not perpetuate this bastardization; discontinue the use of “cum” and replace it with “come”. We can do this!!

Come again.

IIRC, “come” is a Latin pun originated by Regency-era wits, based on the similarity of the goddess of love, Venus, and the Latin root which we use in such words as venue. My betters will clarify shortly.

As to the stupidification “cum” for "come,’ the problem is that dumbshits are just as sexual as Regency-era wits, and so are allowed their input as well.

Probably some cumstain.

I hate it too - every time I see it written in a post, it makes me think the author was a 14-year-old horny highschool student.

I’m pretty sure the change was made by the same people who named the Kwik Kar Wash down the street. Why they didn’t therefore decide to spell it “Kum” is not immediately apparent, however.

It’s sometimes spelled differently for clarity’s sake.

“I decided to come over to your house so you and I could make each other cum.”


Come on, stop that!

It makes me horny. :wink:

I blame the Gay Community.

Well, I’ll try, but it’s likely to be at least another twenty minutes.

Urban Dictionary was, as usual, immensely unhelpful in tracking down an origin for the spelling. But I thought this definition/usage comment was helpful:

The “mis”-spelling is always (other than in chatroom usage, which is an entirely separate rant) used to reference orgasm or ejaculate, clarifying the distinction it is sometimes necessary to draw whether sexual innuendo is intended or not.

I’m less than impressed by the term/spelling, but I think it does serve a useful purpose in making that distinction, and that it’s not illiterate when used in the appropriate context and with the intent of drawing that distinction.

Probably the Krusty the Klown Konnotations.

11 people came in here inside 12 minutes.

I’m impressed.

Is this a debate on which words were actually used for Quiet Riot’s greatest hit?

The end of your pee-pee.

I prefer people us cum when refering to semen. It seems to cause less confussion. I think there should also be a different spelling for the past tense of cum. Not sure what would work well though.

See Dick cum.
Cum Dick, cum.
Dick cummeded all over the fucking place.

Why is there confusion? The context usually makes it pretty clear. If it’s not clear to you, I’ll definitely never invite you to come for dinner. Ever.

I was introduced to the term, with this spelling, in 1974 by a Franciscan priest at Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, CA. The same priest told the class that ejaculate “splashing” against a woman’s cervix was an important benefit for the woman’s pleasure, so we should be mindful of this before doing anything so inconsiderate as use a condom.

Looking back, he might not have been the most reliable source of information.