Where the hell did my Chinese Gooseberries (kiwifruit) go??

Christmas day was a bit of a schemozzle here, so today finally got around to decorating the traditional pavlova. Conscripted the littlest grandie to chop bananas and strawberries while I gathered the kiwifruit from their bag…

They weren’t in the fruitbowl, nor in the fridge. Not in the cupboard, not accidentally shoved into the freezer. Checked every flat and not flat surface in the house, looked every-bloody-where. Nobody has eaten them because those who do eat them weren’t here to eat them. They’ve just vanished into thin air.

Any other suggestions as to where they might have gone please? I mean, the pav was nice just with the strawbs, bananas and passionfruit, but the kiwifruit is a bit of a tradition yannow. I feel as if I’ve broken some cardinal Xmas rule by not putting them on the top. :smiley:

I lost Baby Jesus. He finally showed up. I suspect your fruit went in the trash.

Are you sure you purchased them in the first place?

I have them. Sorry!

Yes, but your kitties nicked BJ. Our kitty doesn’t know how to peel a kiwifruit. And no, they didn’t get into the rubbish bin…unless that fat old bastard in a red suit decided to play a dumb stunt. :smiley:

My son suggested the Nelson Mandela Effect as we were turning the joint upside down. I suggested he shut the hell up unless he wanted pavlova in his face.


Flying foxes got 'em.

Are you sure the kids didn’t eat them? Isn’t this just a magical time of year?

There’s a ringie that hangs-out in a nest off the back deck, but I’ve never seen him in the kitchen, just sayin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kids haven’t been here for a couple of days, and for the days preceding, the fruitz were too hard to eat. But no, the kids (little or big) didn’t scoff teh green fuzzy things.

Puzzlement abounds. And yes, it is indeed a MAGICAL time Beck. :smiley:

Am I the only one who had to google “pavlova”?

And I’m the one who said YES to the idea of Pavlova in the face! Yum…

Perhaps they returned to New Zealand to spawn?

Obviously, the dingoes ate them.

Nah, it got to be dropbears.

Nope, right there w/ you.
Now I want one.

They’re probably still in the trunk or the boot or whatever you guys call that compartment in the back of the car. I know someone who forgot a whole chicken in the trunk once. It was winter so it would freeze overnight, then during the day it would thaw just enough to start decomposing and then freeze again at night. The smell gradually got more and more intense as spring rolled around. By the time she found it it might have been easier to nuke the whole thing from orbit.

So anyway, maybe in the trunk, or boot, or it got left in the trolley at the grocers.

Pavlova is a sickly sugary mess of incipient diabetes that, inexplicably, All The Australians That Aren’t Me adore and venerate. It’s a crime to subject perfectly good kiwifruit to this sticky abomination.

That’s why I had to steal the kiwis from your fruitbowl. They were delicious. So sweet and so cold. I make no apology.

This thread reminded me to bring in a golden kiwi from a batch I bought last weekend. I had it for dessert after lunch today, and it was yummy. It had more of a tropical flavor than a green kiwi - almost mango-like.

There are three more at home, and I don’t think I’ll share them with my husband.

Kitties don’t need to peel them, they just need to know how to play hockey with them.

We once had a few late tomatoes growing outside. I grabbed them when frost was predicted, and put them on the windowsill to ripen.

One disappeared.

We found it, a month later, across the kitchen, hiding behind the microwave cart. Evidently the cat thought it was a dandy toy.

It had ripened, but we declined to eat it anyway.

Santa. Getting some fruit in before the mince pies/brandy in the UK, milk/cookies in the US and whatever everyone else leaves out.