Where the hell is the First Lady?

…you never seem to hear any mention of her.

I don’t think Mrs. Bush has decided to be as public a figure as Mrs. Clinton was. The Whitehouse web site has a page for her office; apparently she’s been schmoozin’ it up with Viktorie Spidlova.

She’s in the kitchen, where she belongs.

She’s around – just last week she accompanied the president to the Little League softball World Series (pic in link).


As friedo notes, Mrs. Bush is not the public figure that her predecessor was; she’s also not constantly vilified by outspoken elements of her husband’s political opposition, so her name doesn’t show up in the news as much.


You might have a look at the “official” whitehouse web site which has a page on the first lady :slight_smile:


Nor is she attempting to engineer a federal takeover of the US health care system. And none of her business partners have been indicted, she isn’t dealing in cattle futures, channeling Eleanor Roosevelt, consulting astrologers, and so forth.

Briefly, she is not involved in trying to set public policy as much as others have been.


If she keeps on baking cookies and having teas, she’ll never get elected to the Senate.

I think the fine voting people of this grand country realize that the Senate on the whole could use more cookies baked and more teas sipped.

Shodan: How do you know she’s not consulting astrologers?

In other words, a brainless, clueless, vapid immitation of a woman.

As a guy, my astrologer tells me this thread will quickly become locked.

Thanks for insulting all of the women in the USA who aren’t forced to work to help maintain a standard-of-living beyond their families’ abilities. I’m sure my brainless, clueless, vapid immitation of a woman wife would be proud.

Personally I think she’s been sneaking off to an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney.

Nancy Reagan’s astrologer has been said to have brought about the end of the Cold War.

Story appeared in the S.F. Chronicle (the astrologer lived in San Francisco) after the event.
And I think this is funny! I’m not posting this because I believe in astrologers, because I don’t!

but I think it may possibly be true. She claimed to have advised Nancy that it would be a good thing for Ronald to work with Gorbachev.