where to buy a 1900 style teddy bear

Friend of mine has a kid named Ted. Any idea on where I can purchase a teddy bear of the original style from the 1900-1910’s

I think you want Steiff Teddy Bears: http://www.steiffusa.com/teddy-bears

I’m not a teddy bear collector, but I’ve watched enough Antiques Roadshow to know the name Steiff. (Looking at the prices not recommended for those with heart conditions.)

My dog is named Ted. Sorry, that’s all I got.

This is a timely thread. The Big Crow, who in now in his 70s, mentioned the other day that he still regrets leaving his bear out in the rain when he was little. I’d like to find him a replacement but already know Steiff is out of my price range. Perhaps a trip to
the antique stores downtown is in order.

Run thru Goodwill or Salvation Army stores, every now and then you can get lucky. Also there are thousands of patterns to make your own. Look on Pinterest or etsy.