Where to buy some cool shirts?

Im looking to buy some cool (guys) t-shirts online.
Im not looking for “funny” and “novelty” shirts, but just good looking shirts.

Shirts like one’s you’ll find on www.edhardyshop.com, i like a lot of them, but at that price i won’t be buying too many!

Designs similar to what you’ll see by Ksubi or www.diestasi.com.
Im just looking for a few online shops with a bit of variety.

I’ve already been exposed to Threadless aswell, even though that’s not SO much what im looking for at the moment.

So can anyone not only understand what im looking for, yet offer up any online stores that can fulfill my request?

The Giant Peach has some pretty decent stuff, although it’s sometimes difficult to find. Best way I find is to shop by brand, then you get to know which designers they carry that you like, and can ignore the crap. You might like the Tank Theory section, for example (some of theirs remind me of the Di Estasi page you linked); I’ve bought one of them and it was pretty decent quality as well.

www.tshirthell.com if you like offensive.

www.threadless.com if you like hipster style

http://www.randomshirts.com had some funny tshirts but have slowly moved into more weirder designs and hipster religious stuff. They are pretty cheap and good quality shirts if you find something you like.

HIPSTER??? What in the hell IS hipster style? I love threadless, but I seriously don’t think I am anything you’d consider to be a hipster… :confused:

Jesus. Settle down there, sparky.

I was just confused. I thought I knew what hipster meant, generally, but if threadless is hipster, then…

But then I went to wiki and read the entry on hipster, and it sort of makes sense, but still barely begins to apply to me.

shirt.woot.com? They introduce a new design every day, then retire all but the fifteen most popular every Monday. Here are their most recent designs: http://shirt.woot.com/Forums/

I’ll toss www.spraygraphic.com into the ring.

Men’s tees here: http://www.spraygraphic.com/shop/tees-c-247.html

I’ve bought Threadless shirts despite, being a non-hipster.

But, Threadless is quite Hipsterish.