Where to buy table pads? Quickly, cheaply, etc...

The gf is wanting to buy some tablepads after her niece spilled acetone on her brand new 1000 dollar dining room table. She doesn’t want to go through the old home and garden magazines to find ads. I, showing off, told her of my big resource (SDMB) that I could access and have a quick answer for her. So, the requirements: cheap, easy to find, and if ordered, quick/simple to order and receive. Any thoughts? We live in Oklahoma City, and don’t know jack about furniture.

:eek: Acetone!!! Was the table badly damaged??

Offhand, catalogs like Miles Kimball, Vermont Country Store, and Walter Drake sell table pads. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Burlington Coat Factory probably have them. I have an old cotton quilt under the tablecloth on my antique walnut table because the cat hops up on top of it, but it’s no protection against liquids.

We used Ohio Table Pad Company back in the day. We are happy with what we got.

If you google for ‘table pads’ there are a ton of ads, including http://www.tablepads.com/. I can’t identify one of these hits as being particularly cheap (which I realize is a part of your OP).

Finish was hurt big time. I understand that the next chemical to be brought into the house was lime, if you know what I mean!:smiley:
Thanks for the Burlington idea, it may be just perfect, being cheap and quick.
Thanks, also, CaveMike! I’ll get her to do the legwork on your suggestions!

Assuming you will have the table covered up by a tablecloth at all times… go to a fabric store and get a big piece of rubber sheeting, like you’d use in the bed of someone without bladder control. Terrycloth on one side, synthetic rubber on the other. Cut it to fit - no hemming required, it won’t fray at the edges. Put it on the table with the terrycloth side down, and cover with the tablecloth. It is cheap and NOTHING is getting through that sucker, short of fire.

@ OP - impress your GF with this new website called “google”. That will blow her mind.

ETA: How can you live in OKC, and have never have heard of Mathis Bros. Furniture?