Where to find deleted thread, if possible?

Is there a way for me to find this thread in an archive somewhere?


Do you know any more info about the thread? That’s an old URL, and those got broken by the move to the new software. (There was intended to be an attempt to redirect them, but it apparently didn’t happen). If you know any info, you might be able to use the search feature to find the new URL for that thread.

If you don’t know anything about the contents, I’d try either Google or archive.org and see if you can at least get some info about what was in it.

Here is the thread you want (it wasn’t deleted, it was only closed).

Finding it was easy. Go to archive.org (as @BigT said) and paste in the old link, click on any of the snapshots, and then find the thread title. Search for the thread title on the current board, and there you go.


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