Where to find eyeglasses that fit?

Where can I find eyeglasses that fit? I have an unusual nose shape - the junction between bone and cartilidge is very high, so glasses always squeeze the flexible part of my nose shut and make breathing difficult. I need glasses in which the bridge or nose pieces are higher up. All the opticians I have tried that advertise hard to fit glasses provide more and more means to adjust the nose pieces are further apart or rock more or are larger or smaller - none of which help.

Are there jewelers or specialists that will make or modify frames?

Hmmm, perhaps a fully formed lightweight plastic with adjustable no nose piece? Then have them tightened back at the ear so they don’t slip…That’s what my dad had to do.

I have what my Mom would describe as a Roman nose; narrow, straight and long. I am of Germanic descent so I have no idea what Ma is talking about.

Anyway, it takes a fair amount of bending the nose pads around before I find a comfortable fit. I just bought another pair of glasses and they required adjustment of every single piece. All the adjustments I did were incremental, but it made a world of difference.

Do not buy plastic rims as typically they do not have adjustable nose pieces. Buy frameless or metal rims, there are millions to choose from. When you find a pair that you like, check for general fit. Every place I have ever been to has been very helpful with info and product satisfaction, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Depending on the place they might be able to steer you towards something that will work and that you like.

This last pair I needed to adjust the ear pieces (bows?) the nose pads, and even the frames themselves. I just used my hands, no tools, and firmly but carefully bent all of these pieces. Through trial and error I got a perfect fit, and nobody can tell the difference.

From what you are saying my guess is that you just need to move the nose pads higher up. Move them around (they are very strong) a little bit and experiment with different settings. I would be surprised if you couldn’t get any pair of glasses with adjustable nose pads to work for you.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

My current glasses are wire frames without any nose-pieces. The glasses are supported by direct contact between the bridge of the glasses and the bridge of the nose. This feels a little odd at first, but it works quite well, and it sounds as though it might avoid the problems you are having. I wouldn’t know how to track down the specific frame I have, which was made about five years ago, but I think the construction is similar to many antique frames which show up at flea markets. I believe you can find optical shops which will fit modern lenses to old frames. This sounds like a lot of trouble, but it might be worth trying if nothing can be done with conventional nose-pieces to make them comfortable for you.

I’m pretty sure I saw some glasses with no nose pieces at For Eyes: Optical. When I asked about them, the lady said that they were made for people with bigger noses. You might want to try there.