where to find the highest-quality unagi in Orange County (need answer fast)

Preferably before 6 p.m. PDT.

In honor of our French brethren’s special day. I plan to take the family out for sushi tonight. I have to leave for work at 8:30, hence the need for speed.

Can anyone direct me to a reachable sushi restaurant with superior unagi?


I once had some nice sushi in Orange County, Florida, but that mght be too far for you to travel for a meal.

Yes, especially if I want to get to work on time.

Is Sushi on Fire in Huntington Beach to far away for you?

A coworker of mine raved about it after a business trip to nearby Santa Ana.

No it’s within range. Looking at the gallery, they apparently REALLY like their jalapenos and sriracha.

Never mind. Did he say how the unagi was? 'Cos it has to be the finest in the county.