Where to get clothes that fit a tall skinny guy?

As a tall, skinny guy (6’ 2", 170 lbs) with long monkey arms, trying to find dress clothes (especially shirts and sport coats / suit jackets) that fit well is very difficult. Anyone out there have the same problem? Anyone found good sources for clothes for the skinny guy? I don’t have too much money to spend, unfortunately, otherwise I’d just go for custom-tailored clothes.

How long is long? I’m also 6’2", trim without being skinny, and fit “standard issue” clothes, taking a 16-1/2 x 36 shirt size, a 40L jacket size and a 34x34 pants size. I prefer buying “trim fit” or “tailored fit” dress shirts for a less billowy, blousy fit.

What’s your sleeve length? So are you a 15-1/2 or even 15 inch collar? Those are still standard sizes to go with a 35 or 36 inch sleeve… For “trim” or “tailored fit” dress shirts, check out:

Paul Frederick’s
Brooks Brothers
Joseph A. Bank Clothiers

It’d be worth waiting for sales periods, of course.

As for the jacket, what is your chest size and arm length? There are “extra long” suit jackets made, but they tend to be made for a 40 chest size minimum. Is a 40L too short a sleeve for you, or too baggy a fit across the chest/waist?

You might take a look at this site, I’ve had fairly good service from them: