Where to hold my fantasy baseball draft


I am running a fantasy baseball league. We are running the league on ESPN, but it is supposed to be a keeper league and ESPN’s keeper settings for a snake draft blow. We need to find a new place to hold the actual draft, but since we are scattered across several states we need an online arena where we can draft. Anyone have a suggestion?

You could do it on Yahoo and import the results. Yahoo’s keeper abilities are really good these days.

Note: you’ll want to inform everyone that there may be some discrepancies between players’ position eligibility, since Yahoo uses a 5 games started or 15 games played to qualify.

(Or you could just use Yahoo, since the UI is (IMO) much better.

We use group chats in Skype* for our ESPN (football) keeper leagues… If you’re good at data entry, you could conceivably refresh ESPN’s website in real time; otherwise, just make a shared Google document* and type/paste in picks that way. (Hopefully, your players can keep track of what positions they need; if not, what Munch said makes a lot of sense.)

*There are plenty of other services that’d work as well. Those are just the ones we use.

Has yahoo’s phone app improved? We went with espn when the league started because it had a better phone app which was important to some members.

I don’t know how the app compares to ESPN’s, but I know that they’ve made a lot of improvements. I was very easily able to do my NCAA bracket on the app. I think they have mock drafts available via the app - you might see if the people who need better mobile access are happy with the UI on that.

I have a similar related question about fantasy baseball sites, so I’ll ask here rather than start a new thread:

Are there any websites where I can pay an entry fee (say $20 to $30) to join a public league with the top to or three teams get prize money at the end of the season (playoffs in head to head leagues)? In the past, I did this on Yahoo! (last time was in 2012), but now all of the public leagues seem to be free on Yahoo! offer. I and two friends want to manage teams in the same league for small $$$, but we do not have enough people among us (three is not enough for a league) for creating a custom/private league.