Where was John F Kennedy assassinated?

I know where the Texas school book depository is. Where exactly was President John F Kennedy assassinated in Dallas?

I believe the locale is called Daly Plaza.

In his chauffered limo. In Dealey Plaza. Downtown Dallas.

OK so it’s been a long time since I saw it spelled out.

You know when you’re driving down Elm Street from downtown towards 35, just as it starts making the “Y” towards Commerce Street, just before the railroad tracks? Right there.

So, President Kennedy was on Elm Street when he was assassinated?

Google Map of the area.

I hope this helps.

There’s actually an X on the spot in the road where he was hit. I was in Dallas a few years ago, but didn’t make it to the Book Depository, which is now a museum.

Aerial photo of Dealey Plaza, showing the route of the president’s limousine (starting at top).

CAD drawing of Dealey Plaza.

The best Kennedy Assassination website.

With the [del]revolver, by Colonel Mustard[/del] rifle, by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Behind the temple ;j
sorry, couldn’t resist

No no no. The government says it was Oswald, but it was actually a mongoose. I have proof!

I could have sworn he was killed by a mummy in a grassy area near a rest home in East Texas, but I could be wrong.

I think that is a pretty good drawing. It gives you a sense of scale relating to how small Dealey Plaza is. I posted here once that most people think that Dealey Plaza is this large, well “plaza”, with big buidlings all around in an urban setting. Not so, it is small and someone could hit JFK with a slingshot from there. Seeing it in person really makes you question those conspiracy theories.

To the OP, Dealy Plaza is in this quiet little pocket right near downtown Dallas.

Thank you. Thank you very very much.

[Personal Anecdote]
About 4 years ago I did an extended project immediately south of Dealey Plaza. A portion of this project was done on night shift (8:00 pm 'til ?? am). During the 6-7 months of this project I observed that at pretty much any time of day or night there would be at least one small group of people wandering around the area. Invariably, one of them would be pointing at one feature or another and someone else would be taking a picture of it. In my mind, their conversations were all the same - “See, that’s the grassy knoll where the CIA/FBI/KGB/Illuminati agent shot JFK from, and these photos will prove it!”

It also makes it clear that a shot from the Grassy Knoll couldn’t have hit JFK from the front. Makes me wonder how many people have even seen a photo of the place.

The mongoose truely is one of Nature’s deadliest assassins. :wink:

I don’t want to wander into GD territory, but I’ve lived in Dallas for the past 4 years, and every single person I’ve brought to Dealy Plaza (12 in total) has said “Wow, this is a lot smaller than I thought”.

Which I thought as well when I first saw the place.

I can show you the exact spot on the pavement (convienently marked by an X) where Kennedy was hit, but you truly cannot make any decisions about the event until you have been there.

And I’ve been there, and I COULD hit JFK with a slingshot! :cool:

For those of us who were alive in 1963, particularly those who were young, we had no CNN, no cable, no intarweb, so our world was differently proportioned. Important events in places we hadn’t been were big, because we knew of them only via Walter Cronkite, or the Huntley-Brinkley report.